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Danny lee (helpdesk@i...) /
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Do not Use there are other that are lots better
First off the first year was fine, then down hill, had problems with email and server down, more then a few times, now there
is no pone numer to call for support, very poor, support take time to respond, them when they do they dont understand your problem, it takes more them one email to get them on track, very sad for a hosting company, I will be switching soon as our term is up.

Danny Lee
Featherstone Solutions (featherstonesolutions@s...) /
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
They are amazing!!
I have never had the kind of customer service as I have from this company. They are so prompt, quick and easy to understand. I host multiple sites and the price package is fantastic. Even for things confusing to me, like transferring my domain names to them, they made easy, followed up and helped me so much!! I never have any downtime issues at all. My clients and I are so very very satisfied. They are also the only ones I buy my templates from, I use Dreamweaver and it is a piece of cake!! Thanks Allwebco!!!
mark farley (plymouth-cleaningsupplies@v...) / two
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
lost confidence in there sluggish ness
not as good as it used to be lost confidence in there sluggish ness and unfinnished templates that you have to fit together


Services: Web HostingDomain Registration

About Allwebco

Since 1997, AllWebCo Has Defined Reliability.

AllWebCo Website Hosting & Design is committed to providing affordable hosting for frontpage, linux and more. All hosting plans can be equipped with Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 server extensions. We also offer website design and building services at affordable pricing. Web Hosting services include site hosting, e-commerce plans, dedicated servers, collocation, and streaming RealAudio/Video solutions. We strive to offer the fastest, most reliable service in the industry, along with extremely knowledgeable customer support. Our goal is to simplify Web hosting services, while accommodating the most demanding customers’ needs.


AllWebCo continuously upgrades it's services, providing extra webspace and features for our customers. When we do upgrade our web hosting packages, we upgrade our current customer's hosting packages automatically without any charge to them. So as the Internet changes and improves, we make sure that you and your website are staying on top of things.

Network Overview:

AllWebCo, a leading provider of integrated Internet solutions, built its fiber optic network with reliability, speed and redundancy in mind.

Our N.O.C. (Network Operations Center), located in Illinois, U.S.A., is connected to the Internet by 4 redundant multi-homed connections. This high-speed connectivity combined with exceptionally fast and reliable servers guarantees breakneck access to your web site and 99.9% uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

web site service Network Providers:

Genuity, with its 30 years of expertise and experience, maintains a OC-192 global fiber network, which is one of the largest in the world. All of their services are backed by comprehensive service level agreements which represent the quality of service they provide and the integrity of their network.

internet space Global Crossing
Global Crossing provides premier telecommunication services over a global fiber network to more than 200 of the world's largest cities. The Global Crossing optical networking technologies offer the flexibility and growth your changing business needs. The fully fiber-optic IP network is all about capacity, and it is ready to meet the demands of our customers.

internet space UUNET
UUNET, an MCI WorldCom company, is a global leader in Internet communications solutions, offering a comprehensive range of Internet services to business customers worldwide. One of WorldCom's key strengths is its extensive global network. They own and operate network facilities throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

internet space Fastnet
The design of FASTNET's core Customer Network Facility (CNF) provides substantial uptime and reliability by linking multiple high-bandwidth circuits to multiple national Internet backbone providers such as AT&T, Sprint and many others. FASTNET allows us to deliver faster, more reliable connections to our customers.

internet space Connectivity:

* Our network is fully switched with top quality components from Cisco Systems
* Our entire N.O.C. is wired with 100Mbps UTP Category 5 wiring
* Multiple full fiber optic T3's on separate and diverse backbones
(Uunet, GTE and Global Frontier)
* Multiple OC3's

Redundant Power Systems:

* Our N.O.C. receives 1200 amps of power through secure underground cables
* APC battery backups provide all equipment with uninterrupted power
* For extended outages, a 250 kw natural gas-powered generator provides backup
* Modular power protection for servers and business critical applications
* The center is further guarded from environmental hazards with redundant air conditioning, and fire suppression systems

Backup Storage:

* Hard Drives on each hosting server for daily backups
* Several multi-tape backup systems connected via sub-net


We custom-build, and frequently upgrade, all computer systems on location providing enhanced levels of control, flexibility and the ability to remotely anticipate and resolve problems before they affect your service. Key components are:

* Cutting edge processors
* Dual skuzzy Main Drives
* Lots of RAM
* Upgraded every 3-4 months to consistantly provide you with the latest processors, memory, etc...


We provide round-the-clock computerized monitoring and control, maintenance, and technical support for over 400 computer systems housed in our facilities. Our customers enjoy 99.9% uptime and exceptional levels of service, quality, security and network reliability.

It is this commitment to product quality and service that has made us a leading provider of integrated Internet solutions

The HTTP port is monitored while Ping tests are conducted every 5 minutes to verify that the servers are active. In the event that a port is unreachable, an email is sent to every member of our technical staff. Additionally, our engineers are provided with real-time status, notification, and forecasting of network events.

internet space More About The AllWebCo Network:

Our primary 22,000 sq.ft. data center is located in Lisle, IL and the second in Trumbull, CT. The AllWebCo network has been engineered to avoid any single point of failure. This is accomplished with redundant connectivity, power, and HVAC. We further utilize our bandwidth capacity and increase redundancy with a direct fiber connection between the Illinois and Connecticut data centers.

We take security very seriously. All major entry points to the building and computer area require a electronic ID card and 5 digit security code. The buildings are monitored by cameras and security personel 24 hours per day.

The AllWebCo network uses top-of-the-line Cisco backbone grade routers on the core layer and Layer 3 switching on the distribution layer, providing superior segmentation and increased bandwidth across the backbone. Each server is connected to its own switched 100Mbps port, reducing congestion. Bandwidth utilization is continuously monitored, allowing us to accommodate even the largest bandwidth surges.

It is a misconception that the amount of bandwidth (size of the pipes that carry the data) differentiates web hosting companies. In reality, it is not the size of the pipe that matters, it is the utilization levels. We have multiple redundant connections which allow us to guarantee customers a maximum of 60 percent capacity utilization at peak times and an average of 40 percent utilization across our networks.

internet space BGP4 Routing:

AllWebCo networks utilize Border Gate Protocol (BGP4). BGP4 protocol is the standard that allows for routing of packets of information sent out from AllWebCo networks. BGP4 routing creates a truly redundant network by routing traffic over the most efficient route possible. Data is automatically redirected through another route in the event of a router failure. Should one of our backbone providers fail, packets are automatically redirected through another provider.

internet space Bandwidth Utilization:

The AllWebCo network currently has plenty of excess capacity, even during peak hours. This allows us to accommodate large spikes in traffic that are often associated with active websites. We are always adding network connectivity and new routes in an effort to make sure content is delivered to your users as efficiently as possible. Always maintaining proper bandwidth headroom also allows us to provide maximum uptime, even if one of our providers has an outage.

When searching for the right web host, you want a web hosting company that is capable of providing maximum uptime with the most advanced technology, as well as a web hosting site that offers these services at an affordable price.

AllWebCo has risen to be the best hosting company by providing dependable Linux website hosting services for Frontpage and other programs. From the personal webpage to an Ecommerce site, AllWebCo has a web hosting plan that is right for you.

So you have a domain name. Now what? A competent web hosting service is paramount to your site's success. Part of offering the best website hosting is making sure that all of your questions are answered as quickly as possible. AllWebCo provides 24/7 technical support to ensure that you can find the solution to any difficulty you encounter. We're with you every step of the way, from website design to PHP, MySQL, and other specific requirements. It's how AllWebCo offers the top hosting services on the web.

Take a moment to check out our web hosting and domain options. From personal to business hosting, we have all the tools and technology to maximize our internet web hosting capabilities and your site's potential. As a premier web hosting domain and reputable web site host, AllWebCo works hard to make running your site as simple and efficient as possible.
Webhosting Solutions for Business, Ecommerce, Frontpage, ASP, PHP, Website Design, Domain Names, Bandwidth and More

There are many advantages to allowing AllWebCo to host your site. Customers enjoy 99.9% uptime, thanks to comprehensive monitoring and a dedicated staff. You won't have to worry about losing business or potential hits due to technical problems. Also, when we upgrade our packages and capabilities, all current customers receive free upgrades. This ensures that your site is benefiting from the best technology and services out there. Don't settle for any web host when you can take advantage of a web hosting company and web hosting site that goes the extra mile for your site.

AllWebCo is a Web Hosting company. Our main offerings include: Web Hosting Packages and Affordable Web Hosting for Personal Websites, Professional Business Web Hosting options, and Website Templates for creating your own website.

Why Choose AllWebCo...

Whether you're looking for a place to park your personal home page, or a professional internet presence for your business, AllWebCo has been exceeding our customers expectations since 1997.

We don't believe we need to waste your time trying to sell you on the idea of having a web site. (We'll leave that to your competition) Our job is to do whatever it takes to make your site a state of the art, fully functional extention of your company. Our goal is to help your business succeed.

That's why we've stocked our packages with every conceivable option available today, and set our prices low enough to be an asset to your company rather than a major expense.

We specialize in:
Professional web site hosting
Superior website templates
Personal Service
Unsurpassed technical support, 24/7

We know what it takes to survive on the internet today, and paying for over priced web hosting is not a good start.
We want you to thrive on the internet, and we provide the tools you need to do it, at an unbelievably low price.

What you should know about buying web space.
The problem with buying web space, for most people, is that they don't really know what they're looking at when they buy it. They simply buy what sounds like the "biggest" package they can get on their budget, or they buy the first package they see, and think they are all alike.

A package that claims to have "Unlimited" web space, and transfer may sound like the biggest "package" you can get, but rest assured, there are many more important features, and considerations in buying web space. To make things even more confusing, some hosting companies are cheating and lying to their customers! Take a second and find out how below:

* Space... The "Unlimited" Trap.
* Traffic... They Said it was "unlimited"!
* CGI-bin... Do you need it or not?
* Email Features... How much is enough?
* Misc Features... What do they do?
* Support... Can you reach them when it counts?
* Referrals... What's in it for you?
* Our sale package... Click here to see what's included!
* Go ahead and order!
* Proof... How Good is the Service?

Conducting a web hosting comparison can be a helpful way to distinguish between web hosting packages and ensure that the service you choose has all the qualities of professional web hosting that your site will require.

We are confident that if you take a moment to compare web hosting among our competitors that you will see that AllWebco's services will stand out as offering the most services, features, and dependability at an affordable price.

AllWebCo has spent the money behind the scenes to provide you with a superior dependability not available from the budget hosts, and yet our prices are still competitive with theirs. Our staff works hard to provide the best webhosting reliability in the industry to our customers.

View our hosting plan comparison to find one that fits your budget and provides the web hosting features that your site needs for success. We have a web hosting price to cover every type of site, from the standard features for a personal webpage to an eCommerce package that will meet the demands of any business.

AllWebCo takes pride in offering more advantages in each comparatively priced package than other internet webhosting companies. Even with the most basic hosting package we offer, your domain will have 2000 email accounts and unlimited FTP accounts. Before you buy web hosting anywhere else, take a look at our web hosting information below for a hosting package comparison.

AllWebCo works hard to maintain its position as a web host that offers the top webhosting services on the net.

We offer 24/7 tech support to make sure all of your questions are answered as quickly as possible and that any issues are quickly resolved.

We are proud of our legendary reliability, meaning that your site will be available for viewers and customers when you need it. After all, what good is a web hosting package (no matter how inexpensive) that's not available when you (or your customers) need it?

As a professional web hosting service, we are with you every step of the way to make your site a hit.

Browse through our web hosting packages in our web hosting comparison to find which professional web hosting features and price is appropriate for your domain, and the ways we can make running your site simple and easy! Screenshot
Website research for Allwebco on May 6, 2006 by WebHostingTop


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PlansWebsite Products

Shared - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
AllWebCo Value PackagefeaturesAllWebCo Value Package is the foremost solution for all of your professional internet needs. Aggressively priced, AllWebCo Value Package features pre-configured CGI scripts, mailing lists, daily statistics and much more. The most server space [...]$9.95/mo.300 MB12 GB
AllWebCo Sale PackagefeaturesAllWebCo Sale Package is the foremost solution for all of your professional internet needs. Aggressively priced, AllWebCo Sale Package features pre-configured CGI scripts, mailing lists, daily statistics and much more. The most server space [...]$17.95/mo.1 GB30 GB
AllWebCo Professional PackagefeaturesAllWebCo Professional Package is the foremost solution for all of your professional internet needs. Aggressively priced, AllWebCo Professional Package features pre-configured CGI scripts, mailing lists, daily statistics and much more. The most [...]$24.95/mo.1050 MB30 GB
AllWebCo Corporate PackagefeaturesAllWebCo Corporate Package is the foremost solution for all of your professional internet needs. Aggressively priced, AllWebCo Corporate Package features pre-configured CGI scripts, mailing lists, daily statistics and much more. The most server [...]$34.95/mo.1050 MB30 GB

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Judi Tucker (judi.tucker@v...) /
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I have used their hosting service for 3 of my clients over the last 2 to 3 years. There has NEVER been any downtime, the php and formmail has worked very well indeed, and they provide training in the set up of these if someone is unclear. The control panel is good, but some clients have complained of the levels of spam, adjusting the filter has reduced that issue.

I don't understand the bad reviewers comments at all. I have been using AllWebCo templates now for 4 years. They are the easiest templates to modify to suit my clients brands. The client gets a very professional website for a very good price. Service from AllWebCo has been excellent in my experience.
Bob Charmichael (hookabob@i...)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I love AllWebCo hosting and the templates are so easy to use - they are damned-near idiot-proof. The customer service is the bomb - fast response and they have a sense of humor which helps in the process.
Stuart Reb Donald (rebdawg@g...) /
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
I have been using AllWebCo for over a decade. While other web hosting companies have come in a haze of publicity and gone in a blaze of obscurity AllWebCo has remained rock solid and courteous. I highly recommend them for any hosting, custom template or domain registration needs you may have. It is no understatement that I could not have this shiny site without their help. My favorite part of AllWebCo is their friendliness when helping me out and how headache-free it is to make changes to the domains I have registered with them. There none of the red-tape, indifference or general anguish associated with Go Daddy and Network Solutions.
Joe Petrovitz (franke302@c...)
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
templates were difficult to use. After 5 months of effort I finally got a site ready using IWEB on an apple--very easy. however,it has been impossible to talk with AllWebco to get the site posted. E-mails take weeks to get a response and so far the service and cost is a total rip.The presentation and all the links given are impressive but try to get an answer--lots of luck. I can only say it has been one of my worst investments.

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