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About 1st Host Web

Move your existing domain name here, or get a new domain name FREE with set- up. We provide 25MB of space. This is enough for a typical e-commerce enabled web site. We also allow a generous 1G transfer/month to service our higher traffic users.

We provide 24/7 monitoring and automatic weekly backup of your web site files. Your web site is password protected. Apache Version 1.3.12 servers with Intel Pentium processors provide 99.9% uptime.

We provide 24/7 personal FTP access to your site for uploading and downloading files. We provide sub domains allowing you to expand your web site's scope and visibility by creating sub domains.

We support 97, 98, 2000, and 2002 versions of FrontPage ®. We also support HTML4, PHP version 4.03, PERL Version 5.005.03, with PERL modules preinstalled, CGI, VRML, Real Video, JAVA, FLASH, Python, TLC, C/C++ applications and much, much more. Make your web site powerful using your free MySQL database.

Your user friendly control panel make administration of your web site easy. A MySQL Database Admin Panel makes integrating data into your web site painless. A hit counter keeps track of and displays your web site's traffic.

Use your free Banner Rotator to rotate your banner advertisements.

A free and easy to use shopping cart tool lets you build your own online store. Secure your customer's credit card transactions using our free SSL link (Secure Server Link).

Allow visitors to search your site using your Site Search Engine. You also have access to two chat room tools (Java version).

Our hosting plans provide your own private Pop 3 Email Server for your domain. Remote Email allows access to Email worldwide. Email boxes allow you to create unique Email boxes for individual employees or friends. Email forwarding lets you send all of your incoming Email to one account. Email Auto Responders allows you to set up automatic replies to customers. Your Email auto-blocker stops Email spam from reaching your inbox. Keep track of your customers with our handy Email list tool. CGI Email lets you send Emails using forms. Form mail clone is great for custom scripting.

Network Information

About Our Network:

Redundant non interruptible power supplies
Multiple redundant back-up generators
Fire suppression
Raised floors
Separate cooling zones
Humidity control
Multiple security levels

About connectivity:

2OC-3's with Qwest connecting to both Chicago and Palo Alto
2OC-12's with MCI which will replace these connecting to the same points
All this is on 4 OC-192 connections. Upgrading simply requires adding hardware that is on site. When the need for additional bandwidth arises, new lines can be installed without the normal wait.

Customers connect to 4 Cisco 6509 routers. These routers have multiple connections to our backbone routers. Backbone routers are Junipers with multiple connections to our backbone OCn's.

The backbone is a Tier 1 backbone.

Our data center has connections to a multitude of different Internet backbones including UUNet, Sprint, Cable and Wireless, CRL, Qwest, Exodus, Agis and Net Axs. We also have private and direct peering DS3's set up between our location and that of American Online and PSI-Net. The data center also operates its own DS3 to Mae East to peer with many of the smaller Tier One providers as well as operating another DS3 to the ATM switch located there.

By connecting to multiple backbones, the data can be distributed through many sources. This architectural design also means that the network connections are not reliant on any single Internet backbone. In the event problems occur, traffic is automatically rerouted. This ensures the integrity of the network and continued access for our high-speed dedicated server clients. This takes the term "multi-homing" to a whole new level.

Current bandwidth utilization is 25% during peak traffic times. This assures network flexibility. If a particular backbone connection experiences problems, the traffic is simply rerouted over alternate paths. This ensures that users receive fast access times to sites hosted on our network.

Additionally, the network runs Border Gate Protocol (BGP4). BGP is used as a provider with more than one access point to the Internet. It helps create a truly redundant network. In fact, in an ideal situation, a lease line failure should result in the BGP routing session to close on the bad leased line and the router on a working circuit should then begin to accept the additional traffic.

In other words, traffic from a down circuit is redistributed across other circuits, thereby maintaining network integrity. Providers that are multi-homed and properly setup can actually be more reliable than a single backbone provider. This is because they have multiple paths to multiple providers.

About internal connectivity:

A provider's local area network is not often enough being seen as a point of latency. The two primary sources of latency for a full-time Internet connection are both the user's local area network and the ISP's local area network. The local network is anchored by Cisco 5500 Series ether switches and high-end Cisco routers (like a Cisco 7513). This top-of-the-line network hardware ensures that data requests get to their destination and back out of the network as fast as possible. We use ether switches instead of hubs because of their speed and their security capabilities. Whereas only one computer plugged into a hub can talk at one time, all the machines connected to a switch can talk at the same time. This means more data can travel through a switch and each server acts as its own node on the network. Furthermore, since each server is its own node on the network, it is difficult for hackers to trace data packets with sensitive information (i.e. passwords) to a particular server.

Servers on the network do not share a single path (T3). Instead, the servers are connected into a high-speed Ethernet switch. This switch is connected to the core router at the data center. From the core router, data is sent back to the end user across the fastest available path. Whereas statically routing traffic over one path creates a single point of failure, this distributed architecture ensures that users can access data extremely quickly and have multiple paths both into and out of our network.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee - Guaranteed Web Hosting

1stHostWeb offers a 14 day money back guarantee to all customers.

Upon request, 1stHostWeb will refund the $54.95 setup fee for your domain, less $39.95 for the first years registration for a new domain name or domain transfer.

In bulk hosting purchases, refunds include the full amount paid, less $39.95 per domain name for the first years registration.

The domain name(s) that the client (you) purchased will remain the property of the client and is(are) free to be relocated to another hosting company at no charge from 1stHostWeb.

You do not lose your domain name if you cancel, and you may transfer your new domain name to your new hosting company if you are not 100% happy with our service. However, we can not refund the $39.95 for the domain name purchase (or in case of a transfer for the fee we incurred to transfer your existing domain name to 1stHostWeb.com). The domain name is already registered to you and is now your property.

Credit Card Payers

Customers who pay by credit card are not automatically charged upon the renewal of their account.

Disk Usage

Your disk usage is calculated by the average amount of space you have used each day in a calendar month. Please remember that the following items count against your disk usage. (all directories/files in your home directory, all directories/files in your anonymous FTP directory, your mailbox(es), and any database that you might be using). Our control panel has tools that help you determine your usage.

Data Transfer

Please pay close attention to data transfer usage by watching your logs. Your control panel has tools that help you determine your storage.

Domain Names

Once a domain name is officially registered to you, we cannot "swap" it or exchange it for another one. The domain is registered to you for one year. You are of course welcome to purchase another domain name and set up another account.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received in writing and any PRORATED balances due you will be refunded. Phone and Email requests will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation.

There are no refunds on "a la carte services" such as domain names, dns setup, scripting, programming and web design.

You must send a request in writing for a refund or cancellation. Please include your name, address, domain name, username, password and the name and last 5 digits only of the credit card currently used to pay for your account services.

Also include a brief note detailing your reasons for cancellation with your signature as it appears on your credit card account.

All of the basics:

Your Own Domain:
Move your existing domain name here, or get a new domain name FREE. The domain name registered through 1st Host Web remains completely yours. You have full control over your domain name and are free to move to any other web hosting service of your choice at any time!

25MB of Space:
Enough for a complete e-commerce enabled web site.1G Transfer/Month:
A generous 1G included to serve our higher traffic users.
FTP Access: 24/7 personal FTP access to your site for uploading and downloading files.
Sub-Domains: Expand your websites scope and visibility by creating sub-domains.
FrontPage Support: We support 97, 98, 2000, and 2002 versions of this website creation tool.
MySQL: Make your website powerful using your free MySQL database.
Pop 3 Server: Your own private Pop 3 Email server for your domain. you@yourdomain.com

Remote Email: Access your Email worldwide.
Email Boxes: create unique Email boxes for your employees - family. friends@yourdomain.com
Email Auto Forwarding: Lets you send all of your incoming Email to one account.
Email Auto Responders Keep customers informed with this helpful communications automation tool.
Email Auto Blocker: Stop Email spam from reaching your inbox.
Email List: Keep track of your customers with our handy Email list tool.
CGI Email: Send Emails using forms.
Form Mail Clone: Great for custom scripting.
Secure Server - SSL: Secure your customers credit card transactions using our free SSL link.
We support HTML 4
We support PHP:
version 4.03

We support PERL:
Version 5.005.03, with perl modules pre-installed

We support CGI:
Your own cgi-bin!

We support VRML
We support Real Audio
We support Real Video

More free features and demos:

Control Panel: Easy administration for your website.
MySQL Database Admin Panel: Makes integrating data into your website painless.
Shopping Cart: Free and easy to use shopping cart tool lets you build your own online store. Demo
Site Search Engine: Allows visitors to search your site.
Counter: Keeps track of and displays your sites traffic.
Chat: Two chat room tools. Java version Demo
Banner Rotator: Rotates your banner advertisements.
HTML Randomizer: Keeps your content fresh.
Guest Book: Lets visitors leave messages at your site.
Java Countdown: A cool tool.
Java Clock: Keeps your page looking up to date.
Bandwidth Stats: Keep track of your sites bandwidth usage.
Traffic Stats: Keep track of your websites visitors.
Raw Log Files: Great for use with third party traffic analysis tools.
Error Files: See where problems are in your website.
Custom 404 Messages: For missing pages, etc. redirects visitors away from missing pages.
Password Protection: Protect your website.
Server Side Includes: Allows you to integrate many commercial CGI scripts right into your website.
Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring
Backup: Automatic weekly backup of your website files.

Uptime: 99.9%
Apache: Version 1.3.12
Processors: Intel Pentium
We support Flash, Dreamweaver
We support Python
We support TLC
We support C/C++ applications
We support JAVA

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Shared - Windows Keep mouse
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PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
1st Hostweb Total Domain Hosting Packagefeatures1st Hostweb Total Domain Hosting Package,
Move your existing domain name to get a new domain name FREE with set- up. 1st Hostweb Total Domain Hosting Package provide 25MB of space. This is enough for a typical e-commerce enabled web site. 1st [...]
$2.92/mo. $49.95 Setup Fee25 MB1 GB

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Owner: Veraweb
Web Site Title: Free Web Hosting - 1st Host Web
Website Description: Free Web Hosting when you register and renew your domain name with 1st Host Web.
Site in business since:
Links to the site: 13
Details for http://www.1sthostweb.com
Website DNS: MX::1sthostweb.com => ( Orange ) / Lunar Pages - lunarpages.com
ns1.veraserve.com => ( Orange ) / Lunar Pages - lunarpages.com
ns2.veraserve.com => ( Orange ) / Lunar Pages - lunarpages.com
Server Software: Apache
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United states / California / Orange - see top providers in United States, California
ISP Name / ISP URL: Lunar Pages / lunarpages.com
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JP Viljoen (jpv.viljoen@g...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
My site and email which they host has been down for 3 days now. If you phone them they have an answering service that refer you to the support link on their website: 1sthostweb dot com which is also down.
If I knew for certain they went out of bussiness then I could make other arrangements, but as it stands now they've put all their customers in a horrible position.

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