Plano #23844, Level 19, € 16,72/ mo. em Linux Compartilhado

Level 19 foi atualizado em (adicionado )
Industriestr. 25
Gunzenhausen , BY 91710
Telefone +49 9831 505-0
Fax +49 9831 505-3
  • Nome do Plano: Level 19 (sku #p23844)
  • Categoria: Hospedagem Compartilhada / Linux
  • Preço: 16,72/ mo. IVA 19% exc | Taxa criada: livre
  • Espaço Em Disco: 200 GB | Largura de banda de tráfego: ilimitado
  • Localizações de Servidores:
  • Forma de pagamento: Cartões de crédito / débito / pré-pagos
Domínios hospedados :20
domínios livres :1
IPs dedicados :0
Métodos de Pagamento :Cartões de crédito / débito / pré-pagos
Painel de controle :[In-house]
Opções de suporte :O emailCentral de Ajuda
Localizações de Servidores :Alemanha
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Descrição do plano

Email accounts: unlimited
Sub-domains: unlimited
FTP access: unlimited
Add-on Domains: 20
Databases: unlimited
Cron jobs included: unlimited

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Conclusively Professional.
The new premium Level 19 package inspires with a range of features which are available without any limitation. For example, traffic usage or the number of sub-domains, FTP users, mailboxes, databases and cronjobs is unlimited! In addition, the usual once-off setup fee is waived when booking Level 19!

20 Add-on domains (Registration fee-based)
Unlimited traffic per month
200 GB disk space for commercial or private content
Unlimited POP3/IMAP accounts for receipt of emails
Unlimited alias addresses for internal or external forwarding of email addresses
Unlimited FTP accesses
Unlimited sub-domains included
Unlimited own databases with MySQL or PostgreSQL
WordPress compatible
WordPress Installer
Unlimited Cron Jobs included
Support of CGI scripts, Perl and Python
Interactive server login via SSH
Comprehensive application development system
Free email support
Free phone support
1 domain included
Graphical client admin interface for quick and easy configuration of the account
Possible to run your own PHP scripts
FTP and FTPS access for updating your web pages
Daily backup of user accounts
Access to all backups via admin interface
DNS administration
Email receipt is possible with POP3 or IMAP, including SSL encryption
SMTP server for sending emails secured with TLS/SSL
Webmail system
E-Mail Synchronisation
Graphical configuration system for mailbox administration
Any number of email addresses via “catch all”
Configurable spam filter
Virus scanner for emails
Secure password protection of your website with .htaccess file
Access to daily updated log files
Graphical statistical evaluation of log files
SSI Server Side Includes
Sending SMS via admin interface or via PHP scripts
SMS notification on receipt of email
DDoS protection
SSL encryption (https)
Free Symantec Basic SSL Certificate, duration 1 year


Placing of orders and administration: By web interface
Contract period: Unlimited (minimum 30 days)
Prepaid payment methods:
Invoice dispatch:
Cancellation period: 30 days to the end of the month
Possible payment methods are: bank transfer, credit card and SEPA direct debit for accounts from SEPA countries

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