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Plan #120486, .ir, IRR 14.000/yr. on Domains

.ir has been added on
Zood Web
Phone 021 9109 0098
  • Plan Name: .ir (sku #p120486)
  • Category: Domains
  • Price:IRR 14.000/yr.
  • Disk Space: -
  • Traffic bandwidth: -
  • Setup Fee: free
  • Payment: Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Support Options :EmailHelp DeskPhone / Toll-FreeLive ChatAvailable 24/7
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Plan description

Top Level Domain - TLD
Top-level domains, or TLDs, are public domain extensions that are at the highest level in the domain name system. There are hundreds of TLDs, but the most popular are com, .org., And .net. are. Other lesser known TLDs include .biz, .club, .info, .agency, and more.

Country Code Top Level Domain - ccTLD
Top-level domain code or ccTLD is the name of a country-specific domain with a country code extension such as .uk for the UK, .de for Germany, ir in Iran. Use websites that want to target a specific country they do.

Sponsored Top Level Domain - sTLD
High-level domain, or sTLD sponsored, is a group of TLDs that has a sponsor representing a specific community provided by the domain extension, for example .edu for education-related organizations, .gov for US government , .Mil for US Army and other items.

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    صفحه مشاهده تعرفه ثبت و خرید دامنه
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    Immediate and automatic domain registration
    Provides the main domain panel
    One hundred percent ownership of you
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    com, net, org 20,000 / year
    ws 20,000 / year
    ir 20,000 / year
    info 20,000 / year
    biz 20,000 / year
    asia 20,000 / year
    us 20,000 / year
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