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Stack Path
2021 McKinney Ave., Suite 1100
Dallas , TX 75201
☎ Phone +1 (877) 629-2361
  • 💡 Plan Name: 2000 GB (sku #p61274)
  • 🔧 Category: CDN
  • 💰 Price:$ 2,000.00/mo.
  • 💿 Disk Space:
  • 📶 Traffic bandwidth: 100 TB
  • 💲 Setup Fee: free
🔌 Domains Allowed :unlimited
💳 Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
✍️ Support Options :EmailHelp DeskLive ChatAvailable 24/7
🌏 Server Locations :United States
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📜 Plan description

For large cloud properties, applications, and platforms with advanced requirements.

CDN – 100TB/mo Bandwidth
WAF – 50M/mo Requests & 20 Rules
DNS – 10M/mo DNS Requests
Monitoring – 10 Services

📄 Editorial Review

Established in 2015, StackPath managed to emerge from stealth in 2016. Cloud-based platform, they provide services from other hosts on the internet, such as Highwinds,, MaxCDN, Fireblade or Server Density.

StackPath is specialized in providing especially CDN (Content Delivery Network), but they also have a set of DNS plans and virtual machines available. With CDN, StackPath guarantees a good control of caching. It is customizable in terms of security, SEO or delivery as it includes EdgeRules and there is instant purge available that eliminates immediately any content you delete from their CDN. To maintain protection, a free private EdgeSSL is provided with any CDN plan. By purchasing one CDN plan, you also get HTTP/2 server push and HTTP/2 support. For faster delivery and lower bandwidth cost, GZIP compression allows you to reduce the size of files or texts. What is an advantage is the fact that the setup of any plan is simply done. Virtual machines are built to provide custom systems for easy management or website building.

StackPath was designed for anyone interested in computing infrastructure and services, but it is mainly dedicated to developers. Customers can build whatever they want in their platform, from API and websites to apps. Probably this is what makes the difference between StackPath and other deliver managed edge services: they use a full cloud platform. This uses origin agnostic (enabling integration of private or public cloud safely) and it is created to accommodate to any new hardware or software technologies without requiring massive changes. For good security, it includes DDoS attack mitigation. There is good scalability available on their platform.

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