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Gunnar Gustafsson ( scribe.se@g... )
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I recently applied for a web hosting service with JustHost and the company demanded that I send a copy of my passport and a copy of my credit card to validate the purchase. I thought it odd but did comply - with the exception of the copy of the credit card itself.
When I found out that they had already charged my credit card I sent an email and asked why...and they refused to explain this rather simple question, they only demanded the copy of my credit card again.
That made me suspicious and I cancelled my purchase. Now, 5 days later, I still have not seen the funds returned.
My first contact was with "Gabe" and there I have no complaints... then a "Nick" took over and it was his arrogant reply that made me cancel the purchase... and all I asked was why they had charged my account and then refused to deliver the "goods".
Later I used GoDaddy and in less than an hour my website was up and running...so I do not give any high marks for JustHost customer service - it is nonexistent if you happen to get the wrong person to handle your communication. I can NOT recommend this webhost...

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