Codero negatief beoordeling #11565 door -anoniem- aan jul 2010

Codero heb een negatief beoordeling aan and one official response on
5750 W. 95th St, Suite 300
Overland Park , KS 66207
Telefoon +1.866-226-3376
Klantbeoordeling #11565
-anoniem- ( -geen e-mail- )
Tijd gehost 6 mnd. tot 1 jaar
Wereldwijde beoordeling
Thank you Web-Hosting-Top for creating this page. I was wondering if others have experienced what I have gone through at Codero.

Dan you are abosultely correct about their network being down all the time. They were down again for most of the day yesterday. While some Internet Zones can access them most of the others cannot. The status on the site was "under repair" the entire day and it is still not back to normal today.

Taylor, of course you cannot find Dan's account online, he is not that stupid to provide you with his full account so you can screw him further. Screwing someone due to your company's incompetence is one thing, but being screwed out of vengence is yet another.

BTW, I have heard about potential bankrupcy as well. Guess what happens when a hosting company goes Chapter 11? Your Server and website will disappear into THIN AIR overnight. You think you're saving a few bucks, but when their GONE you're left with nothing but a BACKUP FILE...Make sure that is set up on a server other than their BACKUPS or your BACKUP WILL BE GONE TOO :(
I appreciate your desire to remain anonymous; however, it makes it difficult to correctly identify problems which can be corrected for the future. Our network is being monitored by us and third party services 24/7. It is possible you experienced an inability to connect to our network but I cannot trace without details. Below you will find a link to Netcraft’s monitoring of our site during the time period you have indicated showing our site was accessible 100% on July 16, 2010 from nodes around the world. We provide our customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee—details available at
Regarding our financial situation, there is nothing to worry about. It was brought to our attention that there were some concerns about our financial situation in response to the 50% off savings we have been able to provide our customers. Those specials are simply savings we are passing to the customer as a result of inventory.

Netcraft’s Uptime Report (July 16-20):

Marketing representative (Chris Branding -, ).

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