123 Reg negatief beoordeling #1514 door Rachal aan sep 2007

123 Reg heb een negatief beoordeling aan
123 Reg
5th Floor, The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, 252 – 254 B
Hayes UB3 1HA
Telefoon 0345 450 2310
Klantbeoordeling #1514
Rachal ( -geen e-mail- )
Tijd gehost meer dan 3 jaar
Wereldwijde beoordeling
123reg was really good in the early days but ever since this pipex telcom guys bought it out and fired all the people i use to deal and also not invest in updating the systems we've been plagued by nothing but trouble - billing mistakes, domains not registering, email system falling on its face often, and the most annoying of all - unable to reach anyone by phone (30mins once on a premium line!) or having no answers to support emails for weeks on end. They may be the biggest but definitely the bean counters at pipex have messed up a relatively good set up.

So i did what had to be done, move the domains ! I have spread my domains and hosting to other providers like 1and1, UK2.net, Names.co.uk, Daily.co.uk and UK reg. Interestingly, i found out that Daily.co.uk is actually formed by all the former staff of 123reg before the pipex takeover. So far so good - they actually answer the phone and emails promptly and its good to be speaking to some of the staff i use to deal with several years back - who actually knew what the heck hosting is about and not script reading !

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