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reg.am Symantec Code Signing, $ 649,50/ Yr. aan SSL-certificaten

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  • Plannaam: Symantec Code Signing (sku #p105109)
  • Categorie: SSL-certificaten
  • Prijs:$ 649,50/ Yr.
  • Schijfruimte: -
  • Verkeersbandbreedte: -
  • Setupkosten: vrij
  • Betaling: Creditcards / betaalpassen / prepaidkaarten
Gehoste domeinen :1
Betalingsmethoden :Creditcards / betaalpassen / prepaidkaarten
Ondersteuningsopties :E-mailHelpdeskTelefoon / gratis
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Digital signature for Microsoft Authenticode, VBA and Office, Sun Java, Adobe AIR and Macromedia Shockwave
Robust and time-tested authentication process to verify the publisher identity
Proof that code has not changed or been tampered with since signing
Unlimited signing with a valid Code Signing certificate
Include $125,000 Warranty
Available 24/7 phone, email and chat support
Allow you to sign kernel-mode software and device drivers.

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