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Conexcol-Colombia RV2, COP 43.560/ Mo. aan Linux/Windows Tussenpersoon

RV2 is toegevoegd op
Telefoon (1) 381 92 62
  • Plannaam: RV2 (sku #p114484)
  • Categorie: Reseller Hosting / Linux/Windows
  • Prijs:COP 43.560/ Mo. | Setupkosten: vrij
  • Schijfruimte: 50 GB | Verkeersbandbreedte: 1 TB
  • Serverlocaties:
  • Betaling: Creditcards / betaalpassen / prepaidkaarten
Gehoste domeinen :onbeperkt
gratis domeinen :0
Toegewijde IP's :0
Betalingsmethoden :Creditcards / betaalpassen / prepaidkaarten
Controlepaneel :CPanel
Categorie :Backup
Ondersteuningsopties :E-mailHelpdeskTelefoon / gratis
Serverlocaties :Colombia
screenshot van RV2 van conexcol.net.co

Zie ook initiaal RV2 plan locatie op hun website!


CPanel Reseller account : Assign hosting accounts to each of your clients.

Cloud infrastructure in Colombia: less than 20 milliseconds of response and habeas data compliance

Template site editor - create new sites quickly and easily

High-performance SSD drives in RAID10: Less than 1 millisecond response
mod_lsapi + opcache: The fastest way to run PHP with Apache.

MariaDB 10.2: new generation of database that replaces mysql

Free Backups: Frequent backups that secure the information

Node.JS: Easily run and manage your applications on node 6, 8, 9 and 10

Python: Easily run and manage your applications in versions 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7

Unlimited FTP, domains, subdomains and databases

SSH console access

Softaculous: Installer of hundreds of free web applications with one click
CloudLinuxOS: Specialized operating system for hosting focused on security and stability

https and free SSL certificates: all your websites secure and with certificates.

Support: Complete help throughout the assembly process and use of the services.

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