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  • Betaling: Creditcards / betaalpassen / prepaidkaarten
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An SSL certificate provides a site with a protocol for secure data transfer over the network and an encrypted connection between the user and the site. On a site with an SSL certificate, people can securely make purchases and enter passwords without worrying about their data.
In addition, Certificates help in SEO-promotion of the project - it allows you to take higher positions in search results like (Google, Yandex, etc.)

The presence of an SSL certificate on the site is easy to check by simply looking at the line with the site address in the browser. Depending on the certificate chosen by the owner, in the address bar you will see a closed padlock icon, when clicked, the phrase "Secure connection" will appear. The name of the owner company may also be indicated next to the padlock.

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    • Plan: Borneo Gold
    • Categorie: SSL-certificaten
    • Prijs: SOM 800,00/yr.
    • Setupkosten: vrij
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    128/256-bit encryption standard
    Browser Compatibility - 99.3%
    Possibility to install the sign "Protected by certificate"