123 Reg XL, £ 119,99/ Mo. aan Linux Gedeelde

XL is bijgewerkt op 📆 ( 📅 ), Totale beoordeling (1.6 uit 10 van 141 beoordelingen)
123 Reg
5th Floor, The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, 252 – 254 B
Hayes UB3 1HA
☎ Telefoon 0345 450 2310
  • 💡 Plannaam: XL (sku #p38124)
  • 🔧 Categorie: Shared Hosting / Linux
  • 💰 Prijs:£ 119,99/ Mo. BTW 20% exc
  • 💿 Schijfruimte: onbeperkt
  • 📶 Verkeersbandbreedte: unmetered
  • 💲 Setupkosten: vrij
🔌 Gehoste domeinen :onbeperkt
🆓 gratis domeinen :1
📌 Toegewijde IP's :0
💳 Betalingsmethoden :Creditcards / betaalpassen / prepaidkaartenPayPal
🔨 Controlepaneel :[Intern]
🔧 Categorie :BackupVolledig beheerd
✍️ Ondersteuningsopties :E-mailHelpdeskTelefoon / gratis24/7 beschikbaar
Andere speciale functies :Free 123-SSL (First year)
🌏 Serverlocaties :Verenigd Koningkrijk
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📜 Planbeschrijving

Powerful server hosting for multiple high traffic & mission critical websites.

Storage Unlimited
MySQL Databases 1GB each, Unlimited
Sites Unlimited
Traffic Unmetered
CPU Power 8 out of 8
Estimated monthly visits 1,500,000

Our Premium service combines the capacity and performance you'd enjoy with a dedicated server with the simplicity and ease of use you'd get with our standard shared hosting. It's easily affordable too.

No bottlenecks. No matter how demanding your website. No matter how many databases you’re running. No matter how heavy the traffic.

With all the storage space you could need to boot, plus a free SSL certificate, this is the managed server you and your business can totally rely on.

Simple, reliable, high performance and feature packed

Our Premium Hosting packages have been created to give your business an easy-to-use solution. Achieving optimum performance for even the most demanding sites with guaranteed uptime that will keep your website up and running, whatever happens. All helping you to maintain a great reputation for your business and keep your visitors happy.

Superior performance
With standard hosting solutions performance is restricted as you share resources with other users. We give you dedicated resources so you don't need to share.
Load balancing
We utilise load balancing technology to ensure your sites can handle the strain of high traffic where other hosting products may struggle.
Simple control panel
Uses the same intuitive 123-reg control panel as our Web Hosting so managing your package is easy and feels familiar.
Grows with your business
As your business grows, so should your hosting. Upgrade your Premium package anytime, without any interruption of service.
Unmetered data transfer
No need to worry about reaching your traffic limit, all data transfer is unlimited which means no excess traffic charges ever!

99.99% uptime guarantee
123-reg Premium Hosting offers a high level of resilience as we utilise clustered cloud technology to ensure your server stays online.
Managed Server
We take care of the day-to-day administration of your server so you don't need advanced technical knowledge to have your own server.
One click install apps, including WordPress
Get your website set up in minutes. Install WordPress, Magento, Joomla!, Drupal, Open Web Analytics and more in just a click.
Dedicated IP address
Not only can you access your server without a domain name but you can also help protect your business from SPAM as you are not sharing your IP address with anyone else.
24/7 Hardware Support
We take care of the server hardware and backups leaving you free to concentrate on your websites.

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