jul, 2019 : cPanel Announces Adjustments to Its New Licensing Model

whitelabelitsolutions.com logojuli 30, 2019 - cPanel unleashed their biggest price increase ever, the company has already announced a revised version of its new licensing model. In their latest corporate blog post, cPanel even says sorry to the global web hosting community after receiving feedback from many partners around the world in the days following the initial announcement.

The new cPanel pricing and licensing structure announced on Thursday 27 Jun 2019 has caused a great deal of emotions among web hosting companies. More or less out of the blue, cPanel decided to no longer offer unlimited accounts for their web hosting control panel. Instead and effective immediately they introduced a multi-tier licensing structure. The price hike follows the news last year of cPanel being acquired by Oakley Capital. This group also owns Plesk and SolusVM.

cPanel arguments that when cPanel defined its original pricing structure, some twenty plus years ago, servers were not as powerful as they are today. Now, web hosting providers can run hundreds of websites on a single processor system. With this price increase, cPanel would align itself with evolving technology.

Some of cPanel’s adjustments to the new licensing model would include:
cPanel understands that account based pricing requires additional effort from its partners. That’s why they want to help ease this transition by providing implementation support to partners. cPanel would apply a one-time credit to cover part or all of your September 15th invoice up to $10,000.
cPanel will add a new 50 account ‘Plus’ package. This would be available at partner pricing for $25/month to their cloud offering for customers who aren’t quite ready for a 100 account+ Premier license.
cPanel would provide fixed cPanel Premier Packages starting with 100 account licenses, and they are making additional packages available in 50 account increments (i.e., 150, 200, 250, etc.) for customers where auto-scaling is not a good fit. To avoid a disadvantage in comparison to auto-scale pricing, cPanel would be offering these fixed price packages at a discount.

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