Volledige vergelijking voor Web Hosting Control Panels - [bijgewerkt 2024]

Een bedieningspaneel verwijst in de webhosting-industrie naar de webinterface die door de hostingprovider wordt geleverd voor het beheer van de gehoste websites, databases, e-mails en nog veel meer.Tegenwoordig bieden bijna alle webhosting bedrijven besturingspanelen op hun gedeelde platform, zelfs op VPS of dedicated servers.

Bent u een bedrijf dat software voor het Configuratiescherm of Hosting Automation (Windows of Linux) levert? Gebruik de contact formulier om uw bedrijf hier te vermelden (het is gratis)! Dit kan commerciële software (betaald) of open source software (gratis) zijn.

Webhosting geautomatiseerde software beschikbaar in de huidige markt: CPanel + WHM vs Plesk vs Others

De onderstaande grafiek is gegenereerd op basis van ons gebruik van webhosting bedrijven
CPanel 5452
Plesk 1042
Directadmin 426
Webmin 235
ISPmanager 204
Vesta 196
CentOS Web Panel 171
Virtualmin 144
ZPanel 122
H-Sphere 83
ISPConfig 83
vDeck 70
Ajenti 60
i-MSCP 43

NaamVrijOpen sourceLaatste uitgaveUnixWindowsVoorkantBackendIPv6Multi-serverPlugins
DirectadminNeeNee2017-02-25JaNeeC++C++, scripts, PHPJaJaJa
VestaJaJa2016-11-25JaNeePHPPHP, BASH, CNeeNeeJa
CentOS Web PanelJaNee2017-04-28JaNeePHPPHP, MySQLJaNeeJa
ISPConfigJaJa2017-01-25JaNeePHPPHP, MySQLJaJaJa
AjentiJaJa2014-07-24JaNeeAngularJS: JS, ES6 or CoffeeScriptGEvent: PythonJaNeeJa
i-MSCPJaJa2017-07-10JaNeePHPPerl, CJaNeeJa
HepsiaNeeNeeJaNee  NeeNeeNee
Hosting ControllerNeeNee2018-01-26JaJa.NETMSSQLJaJaJa
CPanel logo
CPanel demo info
( oorspronkelijk http://www.cpanel.com/ )
cPanel is the next generation site configuration and management software application. Supporting many Unix operating systems (Not Windows) while allowing end users to control every aspect of their webhosting experience.

cPanel and WHM (WebHost Manager) is the next generation web hosting control panel system. Both cPanel & WHM are extremely feature rich as well as include an easy to use web based GUI (Graphical User Interface).

WHM allows you to but is not limited to administering individual accounts, reseller accounts & performing basic system and control panel maintenance via a secure interface.
cPanel is designed for the end users of your system and allows them to control everything from adding / removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases.

Latest release https://cpanel.net/releases/ | Bijgewerkt april 2017
CPanel dashboard

cPanel & WHM VPS
Virtual Private Server: Monthly $20 / Yearly $200 ($40 Savings)

cPanel & WHM Dedicated
A stand-alone server: Monthly $45 / 1 Year $425 ($115 Savings) / 2 Year $775 ($305 Savings) / 3 Year $1075 ($545 Savings)
Additional 10% : 2-4 Licenses *Yearly / Additional 20% : 5-14 Licenses *Yearly / Additional 25% : 15+ Licenses *Yearly

Monthly $16 / Yearly for cPanel Server $150 / Yearly for Non cPanel Server $250

Details https://cpanel.net/pricing/

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Log into your WHM (as a root user).
Go ...

Plesk logo

SWsoft Plesk is a comprehensive control panel solution used by leading hosting providers worldwide for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. The control panel is designed to simplify the management and administration of web sites. Plesk control panel automates a large number of tasks that allow service providers to reduce operating costs and resources while at the same time increasing profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction. There are four login levels in Plesk with each level having its appropriate roles and responsibilities:

Administrator - The highest individual server level login which allows web hosting administrators to set up and manage all system items. Multiple servers can be centrally managed with the Master level login of Plesk Expand.

Client/Reseller - Second tier login account where the users are given domain creation rights from the System Administrator. Clients can administer to groups of domains using a single login.

Domain Owner - These are third tier individual domain owner accounts with predetermined permission sets and interface for single domain administration.

Mail User - This is the fourth tier individual mail account which allows the user to log in to their own private interface and manage passwords, spam filters, anti-virus settings and much more.

Used http://www.swsoft.com/plesk/ and http://www.parallels.com in the past!
Latest release https://docs.plesk.com/release-notes/onyx/change-log/ | Bijgewerkt april 2017
Plesk dashboard

Web Admin Edition $5/mo | Built for website and server administration
Features: 10 domains only!

Web Pro Edition $15/mo | Complete solution for web developers and designers
30 domains / WordPress Toolkit 2.0 / Developer Pack / Subscription Management / Account Management

Web Host Edition $35/mo | Build and grow your hosting business on Plesk
Unlimited domains / WordPress Toolkit 2.0 / Developer Pack / Subscription Management / Account Management / Reseller Management

All prices for paying Monthly!

Details https://www.plesk.com/pricing

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Plesk Appoints ZNet Technologies as Global Distributor - 📅 - WebOps platform Plesk (plesk.com) (znetlive.com) has appointed cloud services provider ZNet (znetcorp.com) Technologies as a global distributor of Plesk solutions. ZNet was already a Plesk distributor for India. As part of the distributor agreement, ZNet Technologies ...
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Directadmin logo
Directadmin demo info

Ease of use. DirectAdmin is the easiest to use control panel, period.
Speed. DirectAdmin is programmed to be the fastest running control panel available.
Stability. DirectAdmin avoids downtime by automatically recovering from crashes.
Support. We offer lightning-fast support by phone, e-mail, forum, and live online chat.

Latest release https://www.directadmin.com/versions.php | Bijgewerkt maart 2023
Directadmin dashboard

DirectAdmin Standard Licenses

Features: Includes unlimited technical support / Automatic upgrades or updates / Protection against price increases / Host unlimited domains / Free Installation
The monthly license is best for hosting companies that prefer a low monthly price with the convenience of full support and automatic upgrades.

The yearly license costs approximately 12% less than a monthly license. Yearly licensing is a great way to save money while retaining important features such as automatic upgrades and full technical support.

90 days of technical support ! (+ rest of the features)
The lifetime license is best for hosting companies that plan to use DirectAdmin for a long time. Please note that technical support is limited to 90 days for lifetime licenses.

CloudLinux Licenses
$ 10 /month
Recommended OS for DirectAdmin / Increases server security and density / Improves stability / 8 PHP versions on user-level / All versions of CentOS/RHEL supported / Free trial available / Unlimited technical support by CloudLinux

Details https://www.directadmin.com/pricing.php

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Blue Virtual Offers DirectAdmin - 📅 - Web hosting provider Blue Virtual (bluevirtual.com) announced earlier this week that it has entered into a partnership with JBMC Software to offer DirectAdmin, a Web-based server administration application, with all its Linux dedicated server packages. For the month ...
Web Host KnownHost Adds DirectAdmin - 📅 - Web hosting provider KnownHost (knownhost.com) announced on Monday it has added DirectAdmin to its list of available control panels for its VPS product line. DirectAdmin will be offered at $6 per month for the VPS M package and $5 per month for the VPS L package and ...
Webmin logo

A web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Setup user accounts, DNS, file sharing and the program is freeware.

They also offer:
Is a web-based interface for webmail, password changing, mail filters, fetchmail and much more, details http://www.webmin.com/usermin.html

It is a UI built on top of Webmin for managing virtual systems, such as Xen, KVM and OpenVZ instances. Details http://www.webmin.com/cloudmin.html

It is a Webmin module for managing multiple virtual hosts through a single interface, like Plesk or Cpanel. Details http://www.webmin.com/virtualmin.html

Latest release https://sourceforge.net/projects/webadmin/files/ | Bijgewerkt maart 2023
Webmin dashboard

Webmin is Free and you can download from http://www.webmin.com/download.html

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ISPmanager logo
ISPmanager demo info

ISPmanager is a comprehensive web hosting control panel. The control panel allows you to manage your entire web-server through a user friendly multi-language web interface. With the click of a mouse you can manage users, hosting packages, mail boxes, databases and much more from one centralized location in a simple and intuitive way. ISPmanager is compatible with various operating systems and manages a wide range of third party software like Apache, Mailman, Awstate, MySQL etc. ISPmanager provides easy configuration and high efficiency with low resources consumption.

ISPmanager no longer supports Windows.

Supported OS
CentOS 6, CentOS 7 (recommended)
Debian 7, Debian 8
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 (only for Lite version)

Latest release https://www.ispmanager.ru/changelog | Bijgewerkt april 2017
ISPmanager dashboard

ISPmanager Lite | managing your personal server

Features: Web-service management / Different permissions to users / Backup management system / Data import from remote server / Website builder / Built-in PHP selector / Free updates

ISPmanager Business | providing virtual and reselling hosting

Features: ISPmanager Lite features +
Manage servers from a centralized location / Reselling functions / CloudLinux advantages / Server roles / Resource usage statistics

Details https://www.ispmanager.ru/price

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Built-in PHP selector now in ISPmanager 5 Lite hosting control panel - 📅 - ISPsystem (www.ispsystem.com), a software development company specializing in premium and cost-effective hosting automation solutions, is happy to announce its main control panel ISPmanager 5 Lite now has a built-in PHP selector. As there are many PHP versions out ...

Vesta logo

Vesta Control Panel is an Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel with premium features, minimalistic, safe and light
RHEL / CentOS 5, 6, 7
Debian 6, 7, 8
Ubuntu 12 . 04 - 16 . 04

Latest release Version 0.9.8-26 (April 2019) , https://vestacp.com/roadmap/ | Bijgewerkt mei 2017
Vesta dashboard

All core functionality is free (GPL), download from https://vestacp.com/install/

SUPPORT BASIC | Basic package includes 60 minutes of support credit
$60 / 1hr

SUPPORT PREMIUM | Premium package includes 5 hours of support credit
$180 / 5hrs

SUPPORT UNLIMITED | Unlimited package includes 15 hours of support credit
$540 / 15hrs

Details https://vestacp.com/pricing/
CentOS Web Panel logo
CentOS Web Panel demo info
( oorspronkelijk http://centos-webpanel.com/ )
CentOS Web Panel (CWP) is a free web hosting control panel that allows you to easily manage multiple servers (both Dedicated and VPS).

Web Server / User Management / DNS / Email / Monitoring

- Apache Web Server (Mod Security + Automatic updated rules optional)
- PHP 5.6 (suPHP, SuExec + PHP version switcher)
- MySQL/MariaDB + phpMyAdmin
- Postfix + Dovecot + roundcube webmail (Antivirus, Spamassassin optional)
- CSF Firewall
- File System Lock (no more website hacking, all your files are locked from changes)
- Backups (optional)

Latest release version http://centos-webpanel.com/changelog | Bijgewerkt mei 2017
CentOS Web Panel dashboard

Free version ( GPL ), install from https://control-webpanel.com/installation-instructions

PAID Support options:
One Time: is for one issue with CWP only.
Once: $7,00

Managed CWP: is Managed support for CWP servers only.
Monthly: $12,00

Managed CentOS: is Managed support for CentOS servers without CWP.
Monthly: $20,00

Enterprise Support: Faster Support and FREE nagios server monitornig 24/7.
Monthly: $35,00

Oracle Support: Faster Support for your Oracle server and FREE nagios server monitornig 24/7.

Details: https://control-webpanel.com/support-services
Virtualmin logo

Virtualmin is the world's most popular Open Source virtual hosting management system designed to make virtual hosting quick, reliable, and secure. Now it's also easy to install, professionally supported, and aggressively targeted to answering the needs of web hosting providers.

Compare Virtualmin to cPanel, feature for feature. The new Virtualmin application stack is easier to install, easier to use, and provides the only complete web-based system management platform on the market.

Latest release https://www.virtualmin.com/download/ | Bijgewerkt maart 2023
Virtualmin dashboard

Free version ( GPL ), download from https://www.virtualmin.com/download/

Features: Unlimited domains / Best for personal use / 7 Easily Installable Applications / Community support via our forums / ?Always free and Open Source!

Virtualmin Professional 10 Domains | Best for personal use and small business
Features: Up to 10 domains on one server / 100+ Easily Installable Applications / Premium support / System Data Analytics / Reseller Accounts / Try it risk free for 30 days

50 Domains | Best for mid-sized business and web developers
Features: Up to 50 domains on one server + rest of features

100 Domains | Best for large business and growing web developers
Features: Up to 100 domains on one server + rest of features

250 Domains | Best for enterprise and small web hosting providers
Features: Up to 250 domains on one server + rest of features

Unlimited | Best for growing web hosting providers
Features: Unlimited domains on one server / Includes Cloudmin Connect + rest of features

Details https://www.virtualmin.com/shop/
ZPanel logo
ZPanel ( http://www.zpanelcp.com/ )
ZPanel is an open-source web hosting control panel written in PHP and is compatible with Microsoft Windows and POSIX (Linux, UNIX, MacOSX and the BSD's).

To use ZPanel in a production enviroment is recommended to use automated installers which also take care of the installation of not only ZPanel but also Apache, PHP, MySQL, BIND, ProFTPd etc.

Latest release version 10.1.1 and github at https://github.com/zpanel/zpanelx
| Bijgewerkt mei 2017
ZPanel dashboard

Zpanel is outdated control panel which may still work on some supported OS.

Free, install from https://zpanel.co.uk/ | https://zpanelcp.sourceforge.net/ | https://github.com/zpanel
H-Sphere logo
H-Sphere ( http://www.psoft.net/ )
PSoft (Positive Software Corporation) is the creator of server control panels such as H-Sphere,Site Studio, FreeVPS and CP+. Later on PSoft has been acquired by Parallels (formerly SWsoft) and project is dead now!

H-Sphere is a outdated scalable multiserver web hosting solution for Linux (including FreeBSD ) and Windows!
It has some advanced options and a sophisticated billing system to automate and improve your webhosting tasks. H-Sphere was designed to work on multiple machines and can be scaled by adding more web, mail, database, and DNS servers without any downtime. It provides a simple and easy to use web interface that can be maintained from any computer with internet connection.

Latest release is Parallels H-Sphere 3.6.3 (from PSoft was 3.2) http://hsphere.parallels.com/release_notes/3.6.3/ or http://www.odin.com/products/hsphere/new/
| Bijgewerkt mei 2017
H-Sphere dashboard

There is no price available anymore, some details are at http://www.odin.com/products/hsphere/details/

ISPConfig logo
ISPConfig demo info

ISPConfig - Hosting Control Panel - ISP management and Hosting Control Panel. ISPConfig manages webserver, mailserver, BIND DNS, proftpd + vsftpd FTP server, mySQL databases, spamassassin and diskquotas with an easy to use webinterface for administrators, resellers and clients.

Latest release version 3.2 https://www.ispconfig.org/ispconfig/download/ | Bijgewerkt maart 2023
ISPConfig dashboard

ISPConfig is free licensed under BSD. For EnterPrise Support visit http://www.ispconfig.org/get-support/
vDeck logo
vDeck ( http://www.vdeck.com/ )
Even more than a regular control panel, vDeck 4 is the next generation in website management.

vDeck is deeply integrated with a lot of site creation tools - choose from lots of professional design templates to create your website without any HTML backend.
With pre-installed scripts, tools and ecommerce solutions on your vDeck control panel, you can build a complex or simple a site.

vDeck is manly used by Endurance International Group companies like easyCGI, FatCow, IPower, DOT5 etc..
| Bijgewerkt mei 2017
vDeck dashboard

vDeck is outdated control panel still in use by some EIG brands (see list: http://www.vdeck.com/clients.html ) More details at http://www.vdeck.com/contact.html
Ajenti logo

Ajenti Core is a highly modular and extensible framework:
Clean, well-documented interfaces / Embedded webserver / High performance / Security through sandboxing

Works on Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, Gentoo, easily portable to other Linux and BSD.

Latest release version 1.2.22
https://github.com/ajenti/ajenti/releases | Bijgewerkt maart 2023
Ajenti dashboard

Contributing to Ajenti is free licensed under AGPL/Commercial. Download from https://github.com/ajenti/ajenti , docs at https://docs.ajenti.org/en/latest/

Embedding Ajenti Core in a commercial product requires a license.
Lifetime licensing available on request
Royalty licensing: 30€ / unit sold for hardware products
Turnkey development service - we build your web interface from start to finish
i-MSCP logo

Internet Multi Server Control Panel (i-MSCP) is a project started in 2010 and founded by Laurent Declercq to build an powerful opensource Control panel for personal and business usage. It must allow to manage any shared webhosting in an easy way without human intervention on the server file system.

i-MSCP is a free software for shared hosting environments management on Linux servers only. Supporting English and German language for official website and CP translations in Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Chinese (Taiwan), Hungarian, Italian. It comes with a large choice of modules for various services such as Apache2, Dovecot, ProFTPd, Courier, Bind9, and can be easily extended through plugins, or listener files using its events-based API.

Supported Distributions: Debian >= Jessie (8.0), Ubuntu Any LTS version >= Trusty Thar (14.04 LTS)
Latest release 1.5.3 https://github.com/i-MSCP/imscp/releases | Bijgewerkt maart 2023
i-MSCP dashboard

i-MSCP is free licensed under GPL 2.0. Download from https://github.com/i-MSCP/imscp, docs at https://wiki.i-mscp.net/doku.php
Hepsia logo
Hepsia demo info

The Hepsia Control Panel is the brainchild of a group of talented web developers who believed that everyone should be able to manage their websites, domain names and billing transactions with ease from a single location and who spent thousands of hours analyzing user behavior trying to gain insight into what would be best feature-wise. Since 2011, more than 100,000 hosting account owners have taken advantage of this all-round tool.
Mainly used by Resellerspanel.com and their resellers

Hepsia Managers: Domain, Email, Files, Databases
Hepsia's Advantages: Intuitive Interface, Full Site Controls, Mobile Version, Developer Tools | Bijgewerkt maart 2023
Hepsia dashboard

No price available!
Hosting Controller logo
Hosting Controller demo info

Windows control panel/hosting automation software.

Hosting Controller is a complete array of Web hosting automation tools for the Windows Server family platform. It is the only multilingual software package you need to put your Web hosting business on autopilot.
The HC has its own complete billing solution which is tightly integrated within Control Panel & does all the invoicing & billing.

HCnix is a "Linux only" control panel by Hosting Controller and is an independent product.

Hosting Controller Panel v10 build 10.5 is now available
Latest release https://portal.hostingcontroller.com/news/root.aspx | Bijgewerkt februari 2018
Hosting Controller dashboard

Hosting Controller offers different families of products for different business needs. We have categorized these products under different heads. These modules are HC CSP, HC Office 365, HC Enterprise Suite, HC ADSync Tool, HC Iaas Delivery Platform, HC Shared Hosting and Add-Ons.

HC Hosting Panel is the one for shared hosting.

Office 365, Microsoft CSP, HC Exchange, HC SharePoint, HC Skype For Business, HC Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, rebuildXpress, HC IaaS Platform, HC ADSync Tool

Details http://www.hostingcontroller.com/Store/Store.html


ApisCP is an open-source hosting platform for your PHP, Ruby, Node, Python, and Go projects. Set-it-and-forget-it SSL with 1-click, automatically update web apps, securely isolate and clone WordPress sites, block threats real-time, fix OS configuration drifts, resolve service defects, and keep your site operating at peak performance.

ApisCP is built by a hosting company for hosting. | Bijgewerkt maart 2023

A single ApisCP server can manage as many sites as resources permit. We've used ApisCP to host over 1,250 domains on a 32 GB machine, but discourage this in favor of multiple small servers:

Pro license $20/month
Mini license $30/year
Startup license $50/year


Webuzo (part of softaculous.com) allows hosting providers and users the ability to automate server management tasks while offering your customers the tools they need to manage their sites.

Webuzo is a Multi User Control Panel built for Hosting Providers, Resellers and Website Owners. | Bijgewerkt maart 2023

15 days of free trial license to all users who want to give Webuzo a try.

Personal Cloud: $2.5/month
Personal Dedicated: $5/month
Professional: $15/month
BUSINESS: $25/month

Refund Policy:
Yearly License : We follow a One Month refund policy
Monthly License : We follow a 7 Days refund policy.

( oorspronkelijk http://alternc.org/ )
Opensource Hosting control panel: AlternC is a set of user-friendly mass hosting management software. It is easy to install and based on open-source software only. AlternC is GPL Licensed.AlternC includes an automatic installation and configuration system, and a web-based control panel to manage users' accounts and web services (e.g. domains, emails, ftp accounts, statistics...)

AlternC is based on the Debian GNU/Linux system ('Sarge' version), and it requires other softwares such as Apache, Postfix, Mailman ...
It also contains a documented API, so you can customize your web panel quickly and easily.

AlternC was initially written in French. However, the debian package includes an English version. The translation in any language is possible. Volunteers are welcome ! (See the internationalization page). The documentation is only available in French (so far).AlternC has been created by the system administrators of Lautre Net, members of Lautre Net and is currently developped by some organizations such as Eitic, Koumbit and Metaconsult. | Bijgewerkt maart 2023


Atomia created the control panel used by four of Sweden's leading hosting companies. The company is a spinoff from Troxo, a software company that started its life building hosting control panels for Loopia, the largest Swedish hosting company. The software that is used by these hosting companies is hosting more than 100.000 hosting accounts and over a million domain names.

The Atomia platform and its surrounding services are the sole focus of Atomia AB, a software automation company based in Sweden and Serbia whose story goes as far back as 1999. Back then, Sam Nurmi, Atomia's founder, started Loopia, a web hosting company that quickly turned into the largest shared hosting provider in Sweden (and it still is). Loopia is the registrar for approximately 30% of all domain names on the "Swedish" part of the Internet.

With the hosting industry experience we have gained during more than a decade in the business, we have a deep understanding of what both web hosts and their clients want - be it the average blogger, the tech-savvy web developer or the enthusiastic graphical designer. This bulk of knowledge led to the creation of the Atomia platform - an affordable, modern and feature rich hosting and server automation platform for any type of hosting scenario. | Bijgewerkt maart 2023


Ensim is the leading provider of infrastructure management software enabling identity and access management, provisioning and administration automation, change audit & reporting, and policy enforcement for enterprises and service providers.

Ensim Unify offers an integrated suite of tools for Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Google Apps, SQL, Office Communications Server (OCS), VOIP, Web Hosting, and other windows management tools, providing an automated, secure, compliant management environment that overlays existing infrastructure. | Bijgewerkt maart 2023

EHCP (Easy Hosting Control Panel)

Ehcp is a Hosting Control panel for Ubuntu and Debian-likes. It is full php/opensource/gpl/oop
new features:
* Easy Script installs (one-click installs)
* custom http
* custom dns
* subdomains
* password protected domains
* email forwardings
* domain transfer to another user
* webftp (net2ftp)
* multiple templates
* security, installer improved

Existing features:

* Mangement of :domains, dns, email, ftp, mysql, phpmyadmin, webmail (squirrelmail), resellers, panelusers,
* Opensource, GPL, full php, object oriented, modular, easily modifiable/extendable design..
* server backup/restore,
* Different Menus for Server Admin, Reseller, domain admin | Bijgewerkt maart 2023


The InterWorx Cluster Panel (InterWorx-CP) is a dedicated server and load balanced cluster control panel.

InterWorx-CP allows you to easily manage your dedicated server and gives you the ability to incrementally expand your single server into a full blown load balanced clustering solution.

InterWorx-CP is the only panel which allows this simple incremental expansion from single server to load balanced cluster. There's no need for any complicated setup, InterWorx-CP takes care of the details for you so you can focus on your business. | Bijgewerkt maart 2023

MachPanel - SaaS & Traditional Hosting Panel

MachPanel (www.machpanel.com) is a flagship product of MachSol, Inc.

It is an enterprise grade billing, provisioning and management system with integrated: - advanced billing system - automated account provisioning - help desk system - network inventory management - network monitoring (can monitor disk space, dns, iis, ftp, smtp, etc) - remote server management (reboots, disk usage etc) - domain portfolio management - dedicated server management - microsoft exchange server management - customer management - order forms (integrated with your website) - reporting - and much more You can sell & manage domains names, shared hosting, reseller hosting, ssl certificates, dedicated servers, hosted exchange service via MachPanel. | Bijgewerkt december 2008


Your 100% opensource WebsitePanel replacement. SolidCP is a control panel itself with user interface which allows managing user accounts, hosting spaces, web sites, FTP accounts, files, etc.

Latest release version 1.4.9 in Feb. 2023 | Bijgewerkt maart 2023


WHMCompleteSolution is the complete client management solution for Web Hosts & Dedicated Server Providers looking for Online Automated Recurring Billing, Flexible and Easy to Use Client Management and Integrated Client Support Center including Support Tickets, Knowledgebase, Announcements & Live Server Status.

Is not a real web hosting control panel itself, but rather a management which works with other control panels. | Bijgewerkt maart 2023

ModenaPanel ( http://www.modenapanel.com/ )
ModenaPanel is an automation software for your free hosting service.

Their software represents latest technology in free hosting service providing: from now on you don't have to worry about server upgrades or server migrations because their software delivers load balancing!

Cube Panel ( http://www.cubepanel.com )
Cube Panel is the solution for the complete automation of your servers. Manage your resources in a fast, simple and intuitive way at very competitive prices.

Cube Panel is the solution for the complete automation of your servers.
Manage your resources in a fast, simple and intuitive way at very competitive prices.

- Complete server administration, through 3 levels of administration (Administrator, Client and Domain).
- Available for Linux and Windows platforms.
- Fully customizable control panels: personalization of skin, logo, language, logo and much more.
- API Webservices for the integration of your corporate solutions.
- Integrated domain registration platform.
- Multi-language support. With the possibility to add unlimited languages and personalize every text through a free optional module.

Cwipanel ( http://www.cwipanel.com )
Offers a control panel for windows based hosting servers, allowing customers to handle their site options in a web-based panel.

After many years in the hosting arena E-Insites (then Cyber World) saw a need for a Windows Control Panel with the features that compare to a Linux Control Panel. The staff at the hosting company experienced first hand the frustration of being without an automated solution for Windows Hosting. Years of experience in the Windows Hosting Industry gave them confidence that they could build a better mouse trap.

CWIPanel is a complete product, tested extensively for over two years with E-Insites hosting clients, and has been given a note of approval by other web hosting companies that have used it. The developers of the panel have worked on the panel everyday since its creation and continue to update the panel and add new and more innovative features to the panel.
CWIPanel currently offers one version of the panel called CWIPanel Pro. This version of the panel is a one server license version and allows unlimited domains to be added.

We have had many requests for a version of CWIPanel that can handle multiple servers which has lead us to start on the development of CWIPanel Enterprise.

echoPANEL ( http://www.echopanel.com )
echoPANEL is a browser-based ASP.net dedicated web server control panel that simplifies your day-to-day hosting tasks. Create and manage your Windows IIS Websites, DNS Entries, Domain Aliases, Folder Permissions, FTP Users, and Email Accounts inside a single, secure and simple-to-use interface.

Etrinix Corp ( http://www.etrinix.com )
Provides software development and hosting automation tools for the web hosting industry.

The Command Matrix(tm) is a web-based remote control application designed with the shared hosting provider in mind. It is ideal for hosting providers looking for a low-cost scalable solution for clients interested in Windows(tm) 2000 based hosting solutions. The Command Matrix(tm) enables web-hosts to increase productivity by allowing their clients considerable amount of control over their accounts facilitating them to manage routine tasks. With three levels of administration, the Command Matrix(tm) defines the word 'control' in a control panel.

GNUPanel ( http://www.gnupanel.org )
GNUPanel is a completely free (GPL) replacement for proprietary web hosting automation software. GNUPanel is under development, focusing on translation efforts that permit the entire free software community to participate. Currently, GNUPanel is Debian-centric, however, a distro-agnostic approach is planned.

It is written mainly in PHP 5 and initially designed to run on 32 or 64 bits Debian GNU/linux.

The administrator can manage a web hosting server, create public and private hosting accounts, accept Paypal, Cuentadigital and Dineromail payments, send messages to users, create redirections, use the integrated support ticket system, control bandwidth, disk space and define policies for accounts suspension.

The users can use the regular functions to create mail and FTP accounts, databases, directories protection, etc. In addition they can make payments, place domains in parking and activate or deactivate in each subdomain PHP directives like safe_mode and register_globals.

GNUPanel stores its configuration on a postgreSQL 8.1 database and provides three web interfaces with SSL access at user, reseller and administrator level

HMSPanel ( http://www.hmspanel.com )
HMSPANEL is a robust control panel, which manages a server via an easy-to-use GUI. HMSPANEL is meant to be used by individuals wanting to manage their dedicated server, virtual private server (VPS) or web hosting companies looking to manage an entire network of servers and providing their clients with an easy-to-use control panel.

HMSPANEL also features a wide variety of web host management tools, which are completely free & optional to use such as a billing system, robust plan builder, billing per GB or Mbit and so much more.

Host Screen ( http://www.hostscreen.com )
HostScreen is a Hosting Control Panel for Windows Servers.

It makes the control and maintenance of your windows server so much easier! No more hassle to simply add a new hosting account. You can add new domains in seconds. This panel gives you clients and resellers the control they deserve and greatly reduces the load on your system administrators at the same time.

* For Server Administrators, Resellers and Domain Owners
* Easy to use Filemanager
* Manage your DNS, Databases, etc.
* Bandwidth and Diskspace usage monitoring
* Free Installation

HostFlow ( http://www.hostflow.com )
HOSTFLOW BUSINESS SUITE is intended for growing hosting providers, ISPs and telecommunications providers. HostFlow is ideal to consolidate multiple customer bases onto a unified platform post-acquisition, significantly reducing service management overheads and operating costs.

HostingAccelerator ( http://www.hostingaccelerator.com )
Hosting automation solution which allows service providers to manage IIS, DNS, FTP, Mail, Statistics and Database services through a single web-based interface.
HostingAccelerator for Windows is a powerful and flexible hosting automation software (Windows Control Panel) offers service providers a reliable, secure and scalable solution to build, manage and provision shared / reseller / dedicated hosting services on Windows 2000 & 2003 platform quickly and easily.

It delegates administration by allowing resellers and end-users to manage their resources through an intuitive web based interface without compromising system security, thereby simplifying routine administration tasks and reducing customer support overhead & cost thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and delivering instant Return-On-Investment (ROI) to service providers.
HostingAccelerator manages & provision's a wide range of third party software, It supports 8 Mail servers, 2 FTP servers, 3 DNS Servers, 4 Statistics servers, 2 Database servers, 2 Java Servers and 15+ ready-to-use applications are bundled along with the software.

HostingAccelerator is the only hosting automation software in the market which offers support for so many different servers and applications. FREE Statistics, Mail and Jabber Instant Messaging Servers are pre-bundled with the software thus offering tremendous value for your money.

InsPanel ( http://www.inspanel.com )
The InsPanel is a web-based hosting control panel for Windows. Suited for hosts looking for a scalable solution for their clients. Featuring support for Windows 2003, Cold Fusion MX, MS SQL, distributed mail and DNS and a multilingual interface among other features.

InsPanel is a windows web hosting control panel software designed with the shared hosting provider in mind. It is ideal for hosting providers looking for a low-cost scalable solution for clients .

InsPanel enables web-hosts to increase productivity by allowing their clients considerable amount of control over their accounts. It comes with separate levels for server admins, resellers and end-users making it the first choice for dedicated server clients with little or no administrative experience. Comes with built-in support for MailEnable, .NET, MySQL, PHPmyAdmin, Sub-domain, Templates, installable scripts; PHPBB, WebWiz Forums, a web-based File Manager, an HTML editor, Cold Fusion MX and MS SQL etc. The InsPanel, further enables a webhost to control multiple servers via a single interface

LayeredPanel ( http://www.layeredpanel.com )
LayeredPanel allows you to build a free hosting network on your server(s), giving you complete control over the operation, support and features. LayeredPanel was built with speed and low server loads in mind, two of the main drawbacks of many of the other expensive control panels on the market. Due to our focus on an optimized script you are able to host over 30,000+ accounts (and even more in server clusters!)

LayeredPanel by default, includes all the features needed to run a free hosting website and more! Such as advertisements, for example google adwords, which can be placed directly on user pages, generating you revenue and large profits on your service.

LPanel ( http://www.lpanel.net )
Fully automated billing and hosting software for cPanel and WHM with built in payment processing and fraud prevention. Supports domain name registration, and SSL certificate sales.

Lpanel is a Complete Web Hosting Billing & Automation Suite that installs over cPanel, WHM.
Lpanel Hosting Automation Suite includes:
A Powerful Billing Manager
Threaded Multi-Staff Support Manager w/Chat
Automated Account Creation
Automated Account Suspension
Advanced Account Management
Fraud Detection
Fraud Prevention Tools
Industry Leading Lpanel Pro Interface

Lpanel is the first to include the exclusive Split Charge Verify Feature that upon signup randomly splits the initial charge into two amounts which the client must verify. Using the split charge, and fraud callback services, Lpanel is able to bypass the high risk of fraud associated with today's rapid growing hosting industry.

Panelforce ( http://www.panelforce.com )
Panelforce is introduced by Castlinghost.com. It is capable of providing a complete hosting solutions on windows, Linux and JSP domains. Its key features include, unlimited reseller hosting, private labeled control panel, domain management, client management etc.

VishwaKarma ( http://kandalaya.org/vishwakarma.shtml )
VishwaKarma is a free Web-hosting control panel for GNU/Linux systems.

It permits control of domains and e-mail accounts through a completely web-based interface, freeing server owners, reseller and domain owners from the need to login to the server and use command-line based tools.

Webhost Panel ( http://www.webhost-panel.com/ )
Bankoi WebHost Panel is a multi-server management and control system for Windows 2000 and 2003 based web hosts.

Bankoi WebHost Panel is a multi-server management and control system for Windows 2000 and 2003 based web hosts. The system is designed for any size web hosting companies, datacenters and ISPs, which require a solid platform that automates all of the day-to-day tasks that would otherwise require highly skilled man power, and large work forces

WebsitePanel ( http://websitepanel.net )
Formerly known as DotNetPanel, is an open-source control panel built exclusively for the Windows web technology platform. With the help of former DotNetPanel developers, Microsoft is investing in the future and success of WebsitePanel by contributing support for ongoing development efforts. WebsitePanel is designed for developers managing customer servers and web sites and hosting service providers offering Windows hosting services.

Several old Dutch contributors have kicked off a 100% opensource fork of WebsitePanel called SolidCP http://solidcp.com/

OLD URLS: http://www.dotnetpanel.com , https://www.iis.net/learn/manage/provisioning-and-managing-iis/websitepanel
Download https://github.com/Key4ce/Websitepanel
| Bijgewerkt april 2017

Kloxo (LXAdmin) ( http://lxcenter.org/ )
Kloxo (formerly Lxadmin) is an open-source webhosting control panel for CentOS Linux and Red Hat Linux distributions. Currently inactive, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kloxo | Bijgewerkt juli 2017

Baifox ( http://baifox.org/ )
Baifox is a GPL control panel to managed services of a hosting service.
It doesn't try to compete with Cpanel, Plesk or Ensim proprietary software, but sometime, could be a good alternative.

Baifox is really lighter than others panel, don't disturb server with heavy loads and cpu consume, only manage services.
You can adapt baifox to your needs. Also, unlike other propietary software, it works in most linux distribution and it has been widely tested in DEBIAN.

You must install services before and then you install baifox and configure it with your paths.
Is completely developed with PHP, some javascript code, and not need database system, all configuration is saved in XML format and works under Nanoweb PHP server. Fully compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.

DTC ( http://www.gplhost.com/ )
Domain Technology Control: Open Source Hosting Worldwide: web spaces featuring GPL control panel!

Domain Technologie Control (DTC) is a GPL control panel for hosting.
Using a web GUI for admin and accounting all hosting services, DTC can delegate the task of creating subdomains, email and FTP accounts to users for the domain names they own. DTC manages a MySQL database containing all the hosting information.

It has support for many programs (bind 8 and 9 and compatibles, MySQL, Apache 1.3, php4, qmail, postfix 2, courier,
dovecot, proftpd, webalizer, mod-log-sql, etc.) through config files and/or MySQL plugins
(when the service is non-critical). It can also generate backup scripts, calculation scripts, and config files using a single system UID/GID and monitor all traffic accounting per user and per service.

Since version 0.12, DTC is fully skinable and translated into several languages
(Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian and Polish).
In short, DTC is THE hosting software you need for everyday server administration if you do web, dns, ftp or mail hosting.
| Bijgewerkt oktober 2015

Helm ( http://www.webhostautomation.com )
(part of cloudblue.com ) Helm is capable of providing a complete, flexible Windows Web hosting management solution for both single-server service providers and suppliers of thousands of servers including dedicated and co-located customer services. Key features of the control panel include :
- support for unlimited domains and users.
- automatic billing and multi-lingual user interfaces

Helm also focuses on making the administrator's work effort both minimal and uncomplicated.
| Bijgewerkt oktober 2015

Host4NET ( http://www.host4net.us/ )
Host4NET is a complete web-hosting management solution dedicated to small and medium hosting companies.
This software is developed by 4NET in order to be a competitive alternative to other commercial hosting software solutions.
For the beginning, Host4net is designed to integrate cleanly into the Webmin system administration tool.

A future next step is a synchronization and binding with eCommerce solutions like OSCommerce and CMS applications like PHPNuke or Envolution.
Their solution consists of tools for users management, billing support, technical support ticketing and more.

Host4Net will at the same time be an application with interface for
clients, network administrators, commercial departments and marketing departments.
| Bijgewerkt oktober 2015

SCpanel ( http://www.scpanel.net/ )
SHOUTcast hosting control panel has now become publicly available to the entire web hosting industry. SCPanel was designed to allow web hosting providers, the ability to provide SHOUTcast streaming services, for audio, video and on-demand content.

SCPanel can be easily integrated with cPanel(R) and other popular web hosting control panels or function as a stand-alone application.

Sphera ( http://www.sphera.com )
(part of cloudblue.com ) Sphera offers a solution for delivering as a service a wide variety of hosted applications, including Messaging & Collaboration (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, email), CRM, databases, e-commerce, streaming media, web hosting, advanced technology (e.g. Xen, JSP, ASP), and security services (e.g. anti-spam, anti-virus)

The result is an open, industry-proven, and Telco-grade platform based on industry standards.
They bring together all of the pieces needed to deliver a fully automated, highly innovative, and highly-profitable business around the rapidly growing Software-as-a-Service market.
| Bijgewerkt oktober 2015

VPSrobots ( https://vpsrobots.com )
VPSrobots is all-in-one VPS manager software which is running on Windows platform designed for personal website master.

The most convenient way for managing your web servers.
All features are designed to fit webmasters needs.

Basic (Up to 2 VPSs) $29.00/Year
Personal (Up to 10 VPSs) $49.00/Year
PRO (Unlimited VPSs) $99.00/Year

Web-cp ( http://www.web-cp.net/ )
web-cp is a full-featured, open source web hosting control panel written in PHP and released under the GPL. It consists of 4 control panels: personal, domain, reseller, and server.

The personal control panel allows users to update their personal information, change their password and set their spam control settings. The domain control panel allows domain owners to add new users, aliases, subdomains, domain pointers and databases.

The resellers control panel allows resellers to add or modify their domain accounts. The server control panel allows the server administrator to add or modify resellers, edit VirtualHost and DNS templates, restart services and monitor server usage. Scripting, shell access, SSI, databases, mail, domains, etc are all controlled from a top-down approach. Web-CP.net is a continuation of the development of web://cp with it's ultimate goal being a 1.0 release.

web-cp runs on almost every version of Unix/Linux/BSD and only Apache, MySQL and PHP are required.

Zervex ( http://www.zervex.com/ )
ServerCP Standard is the perfect solution for hosting companies and organizations who need a webserver mailserver dns server or a fully featured web hosting environment. ServerCP Standard offers four levels of interface access (root user,reseller,site-owner and mailuser). ServerCP can be purchased for a one time fee or purchased as a subscription.

ServerCP Lite a offers a single user login to manage email, mysql, DNS etc from a single interface for an unlimited number of domains. ServerCP Lite allows companies to offer a no cost solution to entry level server plans or provide web based management and automatic updates of critical Linux based infrastructure servers. ServerCP Lite can be upgraded to ServerCP Standard at any time.

Zomos ( http://www.zomos.com/ )
Web Hosting Control Panel: Zomos Server Controls allow you to let server administrators, resellers and end users control virtually all aspects of web hosting.

Zomos Server Controls is a Web Based Server control system which runs on many operating systems. It allows End Users, Resellers and Server Administers to control all aspects of a web server through a simple "point and click" web interface.

Zomos features four levels of control, various translations, various operating systems, and full support for the Apache Web Server, Bind (DNS), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Qmail, FTP, ezmlm, Webalizer, AWstats, themes and much much more.

CP+ ( http://www.cpplus.info )
Is a web-based tool for remote administration of dedicated servers. It can be used to perform basic administrative tasks and create/manage domains through a graphical interface, which makes system administration easy and comfortable.

Users don't need to remember a long list of console commands with complex syntax and valid parameter values. All major system management tasks are now presented as icons providing a single entry point from which to perform a task.

Starplato ( http://www.techbravo.com/starplato.aspx )
Starplato is a flagship product of TechBravo providing automated web-based user friendly administration panel aiding Web Host and Domain Registrars in the business operations. Registrar Solutions by TechBravo allows you, your Resellers and your Customers to buy, sell and manage various gTLD and ccTLD Domain Names, Web Hosting and Email Hosting. | Bijgewerkt november 2015

ASM ( http://www.acctmgr.com/ )
Account Services Manager is a web-based account manager for UNIX web hosts so that clients can manage services such as FTP accounts, POP3 accounts, Subdomains, Password-protected folders, etc. without having to email support.

openLSM ( https://openlsm.sourceforge.net/ )
openLSM is web-based control panel designed to make administration of website, GNU/Linux and Unix based operating system easy! openLSM handles all aspects of administration in its interface. It is free/open source software under GPL.

Administrator Features:
1) Create/Modify Admins and Resellers - Admins can create resellers or extra admins quickly and easily with this feature.
2) Reseller Packages - Admins can create predefined account packages using this feature. When creating an account, the admin simply chooses a package instead of manually setting each account feature.
3) Show All Users - This feature allows the admin to quickly view every single account on the system and sort this list in various ways.
4) DNS Administration - This feature allows the admin to create, modify, or delete any DNS records on the server.
5) IP Manager - This is where the admin sets the IP address available to the server. The admin can also allocate IP address to resellers from this menu.
6) System/Services Info - The admin can view, stop, start, and restart services from this menu.
7) Complete Usage Statistics - This feature provides the admin with a complete overview of system usage. Exact input and output from the server's Ethernet card is also monitored.
8) Automatic Recovery From Crashes - openLSM insure that all services are up, all of the time. If something crashes, openLSM will attempt to fix the problem by restarting the service. If this fails, openLSM will notify the server administrator immediately.
9) Load Balancing and Clustering - openLSM support MySQL, apache load balancing and MySQL database replication, clustering.

openLSM has unlimited abilities for functionality, enhancement and integration with other software. Which supports plugins, addons and extension mechanism so that anyone can enhance the functionality anytime. openLSM has an Application Programming Interface (API), this ensured that you can use all features of the control panel in your programs.
openLSM is designed with usability in mind, therefore there are so many new features that make openLSM an user friendly control panel. Completing the tasks is one of the priority of any system Admin and getting to them quickly is easy with openLSM.

tPanel ( http://tpanel.datacomponents.net )
tPanel is a web hosting control panel designed to work on any web space with PHP and MySQL. The idea that makes tPanel unique compared to other web hosting control panels is that the software does not require any root/shell access to function. Instead, it's more of a manager for people who have ambitions to start a web host on their shared web hosting plan.

Renting/buying a web server is not cheap. There are people who cannot afford them and still have ambitions and dreams to pursue a task such as web hosting. Installing control panels on servers can be annoying unless you have the correct software installed. The control panel does provide such features like emulating bandwidth monitoring (with mod_rewrite) and file management but for features such as FTP, e-mail, MySQL, etc., it emulates it with a "request" which must be completed by the web host admin (through their hosting control panel). The current version is tPanel 2009, and the other versions (e.g. tPanel 1.1, tPanel Plus) have either older features or a simpler interface.

HostBuilder is another web hosting tool which is meant to work on almost any web space with PHP. It uses a flat-file database for storage and performs basic web hosting functions (web space management, bandwidth management). It has a few added features such as a small forum and guestbook for members. The administrative side has some neat account management features and integration of small functions like mailing lists, hosting packages, etc.

As of 2023 is not maintained anymore.

SysCP ( http://www.syscp.org )
SysCP, the System Control Panel is an open source server administration tool which enables an internet service provider to give their customers a web-based application to administrate their email addresses, subdomains and other essential tools for website configuration.

SysCP, the System Control Panel is a server administration tool which enables an internet service provider to give their customers a web-based application to administrate their email addresses, their subdomains etc.

The project was founded in autumn 2003 by Florian Lippert and was published on June, 15th 2004 under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). SysCP is developed for use with Debian, but with some modifications it should run on every server system.

VHCS ( http://www.vhcs.net/ )
Virtual Hosting Control System: VHCS delivers a complete hosting automation appliance by offering significant security, total-cost-of-ownership, and performance advantages over competing commercial solutions.With VHCS Pro you can configure your server and applications, create user with domains with a few point-and-click operations that take less than a minute. There is no limit to the number of resellers, users and domains that can be created.At the core of VHCS Pro are 3 easy-to-use, Web-based control panels. VHCS provides graphic user interfaces for the administrators, resellers and users.

VHCS is:
Free: VHCS is Free Software and dedicated to giving users, administrators and developers the ultimate level of control over their linux web servers, and their data.
Usable: VHCS understands that usability is about creating software that is easy for everyone to use, not about piling on features.

Supported: Beyond the worldwide VHCS Community, VHCS is supported by the leading companies in Linux and Unix.

Accessible: Free Software is about enabling software freedom for everyone, including users, administrators and developers with disabilities. VHCS Accessibility framework is the result of several years of effort, and makes VHCS the most accessible control panel for any Linux platform.

International: VHCS is used, developed and supported in dozens of languages, and we strive to ensure that every piece of VHCS software can be translated into all languages

Ravencore ( http://www.ravencore.com )
RavenCore Hosting Control Panel
The RavenCore Project is an Open Source Hosting Control Panel aimed toward making the most robust, secure, and reliable hosting software available.
Mission statement: "To provide the world with a free, comparable alternative to expensive hosting software."

Easy to use - Even the installation of RavenCore is a no-brainer. The control interface is simple to use, easy to understand, and only gives options for the components you want installed so you are not looking at things you will never use.

Portable - RavenCore is designed to run on any Linux system without any configuration changes, as it detects what distribution you are using, and automatically configures everything for you. It also is designed to be ran with any web browser, even text browsers such as lynx.
Secure - Designed completely around security, RavenCore employs several fail safe mechanisms and hack-attempt detection features to make sure your server stays safe.

Free - Licensed under the GPL and distributed freely to all. Although you do not have to pay a dime to use RavenCore, we would gladly accept donations.

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