Jul 28, 2021 : Opening BlueVPS.net

bluevps.com logo📅 - Hello!

Good news, everyone! It's the way you dress and the way you see off, isn't it? We've been working on this for a long time, so we're happy to announce that https://bluevps.net/ has a new
updated and friendly interface.

Now it's even easier and more convenient to buy a VPS from us!

For each VPS we offer unlimited traffic and full control over your resources through KVM virtualization.

13 locations to choose from on 3 continents, namely the States, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Israel, Hong Kong and that's not even the end of the list.

We care about our customers, so we provide significant discounts when purchasing our VPS from 3 months to six months and a year.

More than two thousand people rated us at 9.5/10, and we believe that you also want to understand where such rave reviews are coming from.

Our technical support ready to help during 24/7/365

Latency and speed you can always check HERE

We look forward to starting working with you!

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📅 - BlueVPS - Good news from Poland - Hi everybody!
BlueVPS further expands its presence in Poland by opening a new location in Warsaw, Atman.
Tier 3 data center and multiple uplinks from Cogent and Lumen ensure uninterrupted net access for your projects.
Our uplinks are built in such a way, that even if one fails the other one will catch up.
We offer different ranges of VPS, Dedicated servers and Collocation.
That allows coping even with the most demanding tasks and projects by utilizing an unprecedented performance per each core.
As usual, we offer: 1 or 10 Gbit port Unlimited bandwidth! 24/7 Support every day of the year.
Possibility to upscale or downscale on demand. Go check our website, we offer great discounts ...
📅 - New location on NVMe media in the Netherlands - Hey everybody!

In addition to the 12 locations on NVMe media, we're adding a location in the Netherlands, which brings our locations to 13 pieces. That's like a baker's dozen.

If you think we seduce you with only IOPS, we hasten to tell you that the VPS node is based on the latest generation of Xeon 4300 server processors from Intel. Extremely impressive performance characteristics per core, allow coping with those tasks, which previously were not possible with the same configuration but with older processors, and do not forget that we provide unlimited traffic per server!

Our data center is Tier 3 certified which means that your data will be absolutely safe.

We are waiting for you ...
📅 - VPS Spain is an ideal choice for companies looking to expand their business to a Spanish-speaking audience. - Howdy folks.
We have opened a new PoP in Spain! It is a perfect choice for the companies that wanted to expand their business to a Spanish-speaking audience.
We have chosen Melbicom as our data center. Why so? First of all, Madrid is the epicenter of the internet mainlines. GTT, Cogent, Lumen, Sparkle, and Telia, each of those provider have their presence in this data center. That allows us to build a circle of uplinks, meaning that every time some of the providers fail, another one will pick it up right away. Datacenter allows 30Gbps per server which is more than enough for any kind of project.

As always we are offering:
1. 99,99% uptime.
2. 24/7/365 round-the-clock support.
3. ...
📅 - BlueVPS opening a new location in Bulgaria,Sofia - Hello again, another location joins our roster.

This time it is Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgaria being an EU member is famous for its loyal legal climate and is often the choice of companies from CIS countries as well as from abroad. From Bulgaria, there is a great ping to Turkey, Southern Europe, and the Balkan Peninsula countries. Due to the fact that the data center is carrier neutral, it allows the establishment of connections between several telecom operators and/or colocation service providers. Such providers as Telia, Lumen, Sparkle, NTT, and Turk Telecom pass through the data center.

We still offer unlimited traffic and gigabit ports on our VPSes. And that's not including the huge ...
📅 - BlueVPS opening a new location in Los Angeles, California! - Hey, everybody!

BlueVPS is not stopping by a bit and is again opening a location in the United States of America, namely on the East Coast in Los Angeles, California! Our partner DC is Tier 3 certified, which in turn provides the highest level of security coupled with excellent fault tolerance. We offer HDD and SSD VPS based on Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors at very attractive prices. Traffic on our VPS is unlimited, so you can spin up your projects however you want.

In case of any questions, our support is available 24/7 and will always help you choose the best plan! Latency and speed you can always check HERE

Looking forward to hearing from ...