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Jan 14, 2021 : Basic Components of a Website

nrhosting.com logoJanuary 14, 2021 - Components of a Website – All websites are made up of separate components. It’d be only fair to notice that these small elements are defined in a peculiar way. What types of components are there and what is their functional purpose? Let’s talk about it.

Basic website components list
The working website conditionally consists of frontend and backend. The frontend describes everything in a solution a user can directly interact with, the latter – the things hidden from the user’s eye (e.g. business logic implementation), which provide the connection with the server. Right now, we suggest subdividing the full list of common components by frontend and backend, respectively.

Frontend components of a website
The software frontend includes the following major elements:

Navigation. Website navigation is basically strings of web page links that help users browse a resource by sections and different menus. Main menu is the most basic part of this component.

Mockup. Basically, mockup is the display of schematic locations of separate page elements – text containers, graphic objects, buttons, links, menus, input fields, etc. The creation of a mockup allows forming a close image of an end product before developers get to it full implementation.

Logo. A logo isn’t really the main visual identifier of your brand. It’s a universal customization tool that helps to turn even the simplest single-page website into a consistently-styled product.

Graphics. Visual graphics include media content – i.e. animation, images, video, as well as user interface elements, which can be adapted to individual client requirements: navigational buttons, split bars, subsections, etc. Graphics within the confines of frontend is static.

Text boxes. It doesn’t matter how large your site is – as a rule, not a single web resource can do without a few or so typed words. The ‘proper’ copy from the web design and Internet marketing perspective must not only be SEO optimized, but also be formulated accessibly – both in terms of formatting and meaning.

Backend components of a website
More and more websites provide dynamically-updated content – every resource from newsletter websites, which must be scrolled down indefinitely, to fully interactive projects. The operation of such websites is the responsibility of backend – the server part of software which enables immediate response to user requests. In particular, the backend can consist of the next elements:

Content management system. If you don’t want (or don’t know how to) work with HTML code, the best alternative for editing content on your site is a CMS. It splits each web page into separate content containers and allows for users with admin rights to edit, delete, add new and restore the previous text.

eCommerce. Most every online store out there uses the package of eCommerce services. Even if your resource doesn’t support payments based on online banking, eCommerce solutions will still come in handy – e.g. convenient order processing and status tracking opportunities.

Shopping cart. This component is also mostly relevant to online store owners. A very convenient shopping feature, it is just a separate component that allows adding/deleting, storing (in itself), and submitting payment and product delivery.

Search. Search is an input field that helps looking up the required info on your website ‘in one click’. This is a necessary attribute any website that strives for a good and efficient UX.

Blog. Practically every company has a dedicated blog apart from the personal website. Obviously, the format of content delivery in blog is somewhat different from when all info is distributed throughout the website sections. That’s why a majority of modern frameworks provide a separate module (plugin) for the creation of blog on a web resource.

Dynamic media content. This sort of content transforms in accordance with the actions of a certain user. The vivid example of such a type of content are some Gmail inbox themes, which change in appearance according to the time of the day.

Multimedia content. It can be live streams, for example, which are downloaded from the server in a real-time mode.

Chat. A dedicated chat is a perfect form of interaction between users online without the necessity to update anything. Chats are most frequently used in the web portals, social networks, and commercial solutions providing customer services (probably, everybody’s already familiar with chatbots from, for instance, online banking).

Contact forms. Contact forms help users submit certain actions (usually fill out the personal information). They are usually used in commercial web solutions.

Referral forms. These forms are used to build an image of your online activity in social networks. For example, if you like an article on a website, you can clik ‘like’ and this will be immediately highlighted in your friends’ social networking updates. From the Internet marketing perspective, this is one of the very efficient ways to promote projects for website owners.

Newsletter. There are informational sites where data is updated regularly. Newsletter are updated automatically without the need to refresh the page in order to help users go about the constantly-updated content.

Online databases. The databases enable one to operate with data online (i.e. sort, add new, delete old, search, etc.)

Protected sections. Such sections are intended for privileged resource users. They can only be accessed by confirming the special access rights (with the help of a password, for instance).

Content cloud. Users or site administrators get a dedicated storage of the certain size to upload content to the server to access it at any time.

Additional components
Websites operation also depends on the following three components, which can be characterized neither as frontend nor as backend though. Let’s take a look:

Hosting. Hosting defines the physical location of server powers that support your website.

Domain. A domain defines an internet address of your resource.

Online promotion toolset. This is a very significant to website owners component, which is responsible for a successful launch and further positioning of the resource in the global network. As a rule, it includes a variety of SEO modules, advertising and analytics tools, etc.

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