Feb, 2020 : New OVHcloud Dedicated Servers Released in U.S.

ovh.com logoFebruary 12, 2020 - The new OVHcloud dedicated server product lines address an increasing customer demand around performance while focusing on fundamental values such as "availability, flexibility, and affordability."
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Mar 5, 2019 - OVH Expands Public Cloud Regions in APAC - OVH, one of the world's largest cloud providers, has expanded its Asia-Pacific (APAC) cloud reach with the launch of two datacenters in Singapore and Sydney respectively. The new OVH data centers located in Singapore and Sydney will increase the total number of OVH Public Cloud locations from six to eight, spanning four continents.

Businesses in the APAC region would now be able to enjoy improved resilience, better connection speeds and faster data transfer. The expansion would also reward customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with the capability to deploy public cloud resources in APAC.

Following this expansion, OVH now operates Public Cloud worldwide and provides Public ...
Aug 30, 2018 - OVH-Founder Octave Klaba Appoints Michel Paulin as CEO of OVH Group - "I am delighted to work with Octave; everyone knows his vision, his entrepreneurial strength and his great humanity," said Michel Paulin (left), on the right: Octave Klaba.

Octave Klaba, CTO/CEO and founder of OVH Group, one of the world's largest cloud and web hosting companies – of French origin, has appointed Michel Paulin as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the OVH Group. Michel Paulin will lead the execution of OVH's "Smart Cloud" strategic plan, which aims to consolidate OVH's role as an "alternative" leader in cloud.

Michel Paulin has spent most of his career in the IT, telecoms and Internet industries. He was CEO of Neuf Cegetel, for which he led the IPO, Méditel (now Orange ...
Mar 16, 2017 - Russel P. Reeder Named CEO of OVH US - The French web hosting company OVH Group just announced the naming of Russel P. Reeder as the CEO and President of the U.S. subsidiary OVH US. The expansion of the hosting group comes after raising $250 million from TowerBrook and KKR in investments last year. They also announced the construction of data centers in Hillsboro, Oregon and Vint Hill, Virginia.

Reeder worked at Media Temple in 2015 and left after the company was integrated with GoDaddy. He co-founded the app icitizen and served as CEO of the app until November ...
Jan 9, 2017 - OVH Stepping into the U.K. Market with Three Data Centers - OVH, a French hosting and cloud provider, recently announced they are stepping into the U.K. market with three data centers. They launched the first of three data centers in the suburbs of London.

The company is most-known for the headlines they made back in 2010. They are a Roubaix-based company and in 2010, OVH agreed to host WikiLeaks after Amazon chickened out due to U.S. government pressure.

Currently, OVH is in the middle of expanding across the globe after receiving a large funding round, which closed in 2016. Along with the U.K. market, the company has launched data centers in Poland, Singapore and Australia, recently. They also have plans to step into the U.S. market with a ...
Dec 12, 2016 - French Hosting Company Founder Target of British Spying - Founder and former CEO of the French hosting company OVH, Octave Klaba, was investigated by the GCHQ, the British spy agency. In May of 2009, the British agency intercepted satelite transmissions between Sierra Leone and Belgium. During the intercept, British agents obtained a list of email addresses and Klaba was on it.

Klaba was replaced as CEO of OVH in 2015. He is an outspoken digital privacy rights advocate and recently spoke out against recent French surveillance laws.

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