Zayo Expands Its UK Presence With New and Upgraded Long Haul [...]

Zayo Expands Its UK Presence With New and Upgraded Long Haul Fiber Ring

Dec 3, 2018 - Zayo ( Group is now extending its long haul fiber ring in the UK while also upgrading the ring to enable its multinational customers to traverse the country via the most direct, low-latency paths. The 500-kilometer ring, which includes new build, will also provide access to the UK's latest sub-sea cable crossings in both the Irish and North Seas.

As part of the project, Zayo will increase the overall fiber count on its existing UK network, and add two new unique routes, spanning from coast-to-coast, in order to complete the ring.

Expected to be completed in less than 12 months, the project incorporates advanced, high-count, ultra-low loss fiber types, built over the shortest [...][... Check source for end of article ...]
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Driven by demand from hyperscale, cloud and data center providers as well as enterprise customers, these strategic expansions would deliver fast, high-capacity fiber to key centers of technology and commerce.

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The expansion would be driven by strong customer demand in Atlanta, including commitments from four large companies in diverse sectors. The new colocation data center will complement Zayo's facility located next door at 1100 White Street SW (

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The new route is part of Zayo's expansion of its dark fiber and long-haul wavelength network in Europe. Zayo now has several 100G and dark fiber routes out of Marseille, a city that serves as a strategic gateway and key aggregation point between Europe, Africa, and Asia via subsea cables.

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