Web Hosting Provider DreamHost Introduces ‘Create’ Feature for [...]

Web Hosting Provider DreamHost Introduces ‘Create’ Feature for Its Remixer Website Builder

dreamhost.com logoMay 28, 2018 - DreamHost, a web hosting provider from Los Angeles delivering its services worldwide including Managed WordPress, has introduced ‘Create', a new and free to use design feature for DreamHost's Remixer website building tool, featuring new color-matching technology.

Create would make it easy for users with limited coding and design experience to see how different design elements work together to form a unified website look and feel. Using Create, users select one of three basic layouts, choose a color palette, and pick from curated font pairings. Create offers themed sample content options – such as ‘music, ‘travel and landscape,' or ‘business professional' – featuring imagery that [...][... Check source for end of article ...]
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Global Webhosting provider DreamHost has released the latest version of its ‘DreamPress (dreamhost.com Total Reviews: 31
Average Rating: 5 / 10
Good Reviews: 15
Bad Reviews: 16
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)' managed WordPress platform. In addition to a variety of under-the-hood performance improvements, DreamHost's DreamPress managed WordPress packages now include access to an isolated website staging environment.

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). Effective immediately, DreamHost Remixer users who are also DreamHost customers can now export their sites to WordPress, carrying across all styles, theming, and content created within Remixer into a freshly created WordPress website.

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