Mar, 2015 : MySQL Cluster 7.4 Now Generally Available

Mar 4, 2015 - Oracle announced the general availability of MySQL Cluster 7.4. The new release delivers greater performance, high availability, and advanced management capabilities to power highly demanding telecommunications, web, mobile, and cloud services.

“With digital proliferation generating more data than ever before, businesses need online transaction processing to be as efficient and performant as possible,” said Tomas Ulin, vice president, MySQL engineering, Oracle. “With no single point of failure, MySQL Cluster 7.4 provides high performance to a wide range of application requirements for a user base that spans administrators of major telecommunications subscriber databases to providers of next-generation web, cloud, social, and mobile applications. The new release is a significant update that not only improves overall performance but eases the management efforts for database administrators and DevOps teams.”

MySQL Cluster is an open source, ACID-compliant transactional database designed to deliver real-time in-memory performance and 99.999 percent availability. It powers the subscriber databases of major communications service providers and is used in global fraud detection for financial transactions. The latest 7.4 release builds upon a series of development milestone releases that have enabled users to preview, test, and provide feedback during the development process. Enhancements include:

Greater in-memory performance and scalability: According to the SysBench benchmark, MySQL Cluster 7.4 can deliver a nearly 50 percent performance improvement over MySQL Cluster 7.3 for read-only workloads and nearly 40 percent improvement for read/write operations. Performance improvements are available through SQL or any of the native NoSQL APIs supported by MySQL Cluster, including Java, C++, HTTP, Memcached, and JavaScript/Node.js. Additionally, MySQL Cluster 7.4 established new records of 200 million NoSQL reads per second with 32 data nodes and nearly 2.5 million SQL statements per second with 16 data nodes.
Improved workload efficiency for analytics: Users can now efficiently run application workloads involving complex analytics and ad hoc searches on MySQL Cluster using the same memory-optimized tables that provide sub-millisecond low latency and extreme levels of concurrency for OLTP workloads. These durable in-memory tables can be used in combination with disk-based tables.
New geographic redundancy features for high availability across data centers: The latest release provides rollback of any conflicting transactions, enabling full active-active, update-anywhere replication between geographically distant clusters, with applications able to send reads and writes to any site without compromising on consistency.
Advanced management capabilities: MySQL Cluster for both on-premises and cloud-based deployments features the following improvements:
New reports on distributed memory use and database operations, enabling more effective management;
Additional performance tuning options;
Faster online maintenance operations, including the ability to roll out software upgrades as much as 5x faster.

MySQL Cluster 7.4 is available for download here. Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply.

Additional Information
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Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), visit

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