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123 Reg
5th Floor, The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, 252 – 254 B
Hayes UB3 1HA
電話 0345 450 2310
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Dave Shuts ( dave.shuts@b... )
セルフホスティング 3年超
I've been with 123 for some years & never had a problem - until now!

The thing that has really p'd me off, is that when you host a site with them, or even it seems just register a site, they *give* you 10 *free* pop3 mailboxes per site. No biggie, I don't use them, so have never paid any attention to them.

However, this week I got money debited from my account for 15 thats FIFTEEN pop3 mailboxes renewed at £9.96 each plus VAT - a total of £175!!! I have another EIGHTY FIVE of these bl**dy boxes that they *gave* me, & I can't get rid of them.

Now, apart from the fact that they *gave* these to me for *free*, and apart from the fact that I don't want or use them, & apart from the fact that I can't seem to cancel them, do they SERIOUSLY expect me to *give* them over £1000 per year for NOTHING!!

This is a serious RIP OFF - they've never done this before, its something new that they're up to, but they won't be seeing another penny of my money or my business ever again if they don't get their act together & refund me pronto.

Let people know about this, it is an utter disgrace & I believe falls under the jurisdiction of unsolicited goods - you didn't order it, they can't make you pay for it.

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