Sino Hosting Half or full rack, CNY (都度) オン コロケーション

Half or full rack に更新されました (追加 , 総合評価 (2.3 から 10 差出人 7 レビュー)
Sino Hosting
Rm 2203, Global New Times Plaza, 1666 Sichuan Road (N), Hongkou
Shanghai 200081
☎ 電話 (86) 5648-6330
📌 献身的 :0
💳 支払方法 :PayPalAliPay電信送金
✍️ サポートオプション :メールアドレスヘルプデスク電話/フリーダイヤルOnline: Skype, Whatsapp ...24時間年中無休で利用可能
🌏 サーバーの場所 :中国
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初期も参照 Half or full rack ウェブサイトで場所を計画する!

📜 プランの説明

Bandwidth: Ask
Power: Ask
Network Uptime: 99.99%

Standard Features:

Server will be installed and online within 48~72h after we receive it at our office, provided payment is received in full.
International bandwidth for Hong Kong datacenters is 2Mbps (50Mbps local)
End-user physical visit at the datacenters is currently not available.
Manual reboots available upon request (within 3h)
Assistance is installing third party scripts (additional fees might apply)
Free server OS reinstallation in case of emergency or system failure (One time only)
Highly secure datacenters with security camera monitoring.

We provide server co-location services to clients in mainland China and Hong Kong. We offer the choice of twelve datacenters accross China: Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu (Wuxi), Henan (Changsha), Guangdong (Shenzhen & Dongguan) and Hong Kong. All major networks (China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile) are available for mainland China, while in Hong Kong three datacenters are available for selection.

Our China server colocation service is available at a yearly contract only. Clients need to send or bring their servers to our offices in Shanghai or Shenzhen, and we will dispatch them to be mounted at the respective datacenter within 3 business days.

Servers colocated with SinoHosting are mostly used for backups or running office applications. The use of the server to host a website is subject to the application and obtention of an ICP license, in case the server is colocated in a mainland China server.

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    • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 従量制
    • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
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    • 🌏 サーバー内:
    • のスクリーンショット 1U 差出人
    The user provides the server hardware, installs the software by himself or entrusts our company to install it for a fee. Our company is responsible for accessing the chinanet. If the machine is down [...]