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Per server / Full rack - Lorong Chuan に更新されました (追加 , 総合評価 (7 から 10 差出人 13 レビュー)
750C Chai Chee Road, #02-02, Viva Business Park
Singapore 469003
☎ 電話 +65 6305 9999
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📜 プランの説明

Types of Colocation We Provide
1. Per server colocation / Full rack colocation
2. HostSG uses 2 datacentres
Primary – Epsilon Global Hub Singapore, New Tech Park (Lorong Chuan)
Secondary – Singtel Comcentre III, Exeter Road

Benefits of Colocation:

Purpose-built datacentre for server housing
Temperature and humidity controlled air-conditioning
Redundant power with UPS and Diesel generator backup
Network connection availability for both Internet access as well as local site connectivity

Secured racks with key
Security cameras and 24/7 manned security
Fire protection with FM200

Reduced infrastructure costs to house server
Fixed costs per month, creating a more predictable cost management
Concentrate on running your business, leaving infrastructure to HostSG

Colocation with HostSG
A business needs to connect to their customer-base quickly, reliably and efficiently. By colocating with HostSG true multi-homed network, your servers will be connected to one of the most well connected network in Singapore that few companies can match.

Connect Faster + Connect Further
Redundant network equipment and internet connections reduce chance of downtime
Heavily optimized low latency routes ensures data reaches your destination with minimal delay

Large bandwidth connectivity allows for high rate of data transfer to your destination
Fully managed network allowing you to rest assured your servers will always be well connected globally

Pay Less + Increase Long Term Foundations
At HostSG, we will try our best to cater to your current and future needs. Simply talk to us about your requirements and we’ll work closely with you to achieve a win-win situation in the long run, saving you money whenever we can.

Server Colocation in Singapore

Colocation is the housing of physical servers and/or network equipment at a datacentre where the hosting provider will supply rack space, power and network connectivity to your equipment. HostSG currently has Point-Of-Presence in two Singapore datacentres and offers customers with colocation services at both locations.

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  • ロゴ
    🏆 Alexa Rating0

    • 💡 プラン: SHARED RACK (1 – 5u)
    • 🔧 カテゴリー: コロケーションホスティング
    • 💰 値段: SGD 100.00/mo. バット7% 株式会社
    • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 従量制
    • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
    • 📅 追加された:
    • 🌏 サーバー内:
    • のスクリーンショット SHARED RACK  (1 – 5u) 差出人
    Power Socket
    Uptime Monitoring
    IPv4 Provided
    IPv6 Provided
    Unlimited Data Transfer
    Bandwidth (Upgradable)
    100 Mbps (5 Mbps monthly average)
    Power (Upgradable)
    From 0.3 kVA
    Remote Smart Hand
    3 [...]
  • ロゴ
    🏆 Alexa Rating12,076,623

    • 💡 プラン: 1U colocation
    • 🔧 カテゴリー: コロケーションホスティング
    • 💰 値段: SGD 120.00/mo.
    • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 従量制
    • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
    • 📅 追加された:
    • 🌏 サーバー内:
    • のスクリーンショット 1U colocation 差出人
    24/7/365 Access to Singapore Tier 2 Datacenter strategically located near Central Business District
    Zero Cross-Connect Charges
    Provides Tracking System to monitor server movement from shipping to [...]
  • Vodien ロゴ
    🏆 Alexa Rating89,445
    👤 ユーザー評価 👉 合計口コミ: 46
    🙌 平均評価: 4.2 / 10
    👍 レビュー評価が高い: 17
    👎 悪いレビュー: 29
    👈 公式の回答: 4

    • 💡 プラン: 1U Rack Space
    • 🔧 カテゴリー: コロケーションホスティング
    • 💰 値段: SGD 180.00/mo.
    • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 従量制
    • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
    • 📅 追加された:
    • 📆 アップデート済み:
    • 🌏 サーバー内:
    • 総合評価 (4.2 から 10 差出人 46 レビュー)
    • のスクリーンショット 1U Rack Space 差出人
    Power Sockets 1
    Remote Reboot Requests 4
    Bandwidth (Unmetered) 10Mbps Guaranteed
    Location Singapore Changi
    Network Statistics MRTG Graph
    Power 0.25kVA
    Lead-time Same-day [...]