HOSTKEY 1U Tier III NL, € 50.00/月 オン コロケーション

1U Tier III NL に更新されました (追加 , 総合評価 (9 から 10 差出人 3 レビュー)
Tussen de Bogen 6
Amsterdam , NH 1013jb
☎ 電話 +31(0)20 820 3777
📠 ファクス番号 +31 20 820 3778
📌 献身的 :1
💳 支払方法 :クレジットカード/デビットカードPayPalAliPay電信送金Bitcoin
✍️ サポートオプション :メールアドレスヘルプデスク電話/フリーダイヤルライブチャット24時間年中無休で利用可能
🌏 サーバーの場所 :オランダ
のスクリーンショット 1U Tier III NL 差出人

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📜 プランの説明

Data center Tier II in Rusia
Data center Tier III in Netherlands

IP-KVM: 2 hours a month on request;
free Internet traffic or prepaid 1000Gb volume;
connection to 100Mbps full duplex port;
1 IP address for each server;
24/7 technical telephone support;
assistance of qualified engineers in case of faults.

HOSTKEY offers colocation services both in Russia and the Netherlands.

You can place your equipment in state of art data centers in Russia (City Systems, DataLine, DataPro) and the Netherlands (Serverius).

Our employees will help you to choose the data center most appropriate for your needs, the required setup and all the additional services.

Colocation or dedicated?

Renting a dedicated server appears more advantageous in case of dynamic development of a project and as a result, of constant growth of requirements to the equipment. Leasing is also convenient when a new project is risky and its success is not necessarily guaranteed.

Colocation means placing your own equipment in the provider's facility. Colocation is advisable if the data center is located in close proximity so you can access it with ease to avoid remote hands fees. It also involves more upfront investment to buy the required hardware and to provide maintenance. However, in the long run colocation is cheaper.

We offer colocation of individual pieces of equipment as well as rack lease (up to 47 units of telecommunication equipment).
Network equipment
For complex projects we are leasing network equipment. Our network engineers will help you to configure and make it operational.

Technical support
HOSTKEY provides around the clock support to its clients. You can choose SLA package that is most suitable for you and make use of our system administrators.
While working with HOSTKEY servers you can use your own software or lease it from us. We offer licensed software from Microsoft, cPanel and NGINX to be installed on our dedicated servers.

USB flash / USB key / USB flash drive
We can connect a USB drive that can be used for backupor booting server’s OS/Hypervisor. Clients’ own USB drives are delivered to the Data Center via HOSTKEY or directly by a courier.
BGP services and clients’ own IP-block announcement
HOSTKEY can announce client IPv4 networks via its own equipment without using a separate BGP speaker.

BGP services using client’s AS
We are offering flexible options to customers with their own AS to announce IP address prefixes via our equipment through BGP.
IPv4 addresses
HOSTKEY provides additional IP-addresses individually (1–31) or in the following packages: 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 IPs in Russia and the Netherlands. Blocks can be routed via VLAN to the client’s server.

IPv6 addresses
We fully support IPv6 on all of our platforms. If you would like to order IPv6 /64 block of IP addresses, please contact our technical support. IPv6 addresses are allocated free of charge.
Firewall allows you to protect your server by filtering unwanted traffic from specified IP addresses and TCP ports.

HOSTKEY does a standard monitoring of every dedicated server using ping command. We offer you the possibility of advanced equipment monitoring.
We can consolidate your servers into one of several VLANs.

We provide disk space to store your data backups.
DNS hosting
This service involves hosting of your DNS zones on our equipment. You have the ability to edit the contents of the zone and adjust the DNS settings of your domains.

📉 同じカテゴリおよび国の場所にある他の企業からの同様のホスティングプラン ≡

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