cHosting Reseller X, DKK 100.00/月 オン Linux 再販売業者

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Mogensensvej 1
Odense C , SYDDANMARK 5000
  • 💡 Plan名: Reseller X (sku #p74928)
  • 🔧 カテゴリー: リセラーホスティング / Linux
  • 💰 値段:DKK 100.00/月 バット25% 株式会社
  • 💿 ディスク領域: 15 GB
  • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 50 GB
  • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
🔌 ホステッドドメイン :10
🆓 無料ドメイン :0
📌 献身的 :0
💳 支払方法 :クレジットカード/デビットカードPayPal電信送金
🔨 コントロールパネル :CPanelWHM
✍️ サポートオプション :メールアドレスヘルプデスク
その他の特別な機能 :CageFSLiteSpeed with LiteSpeed CacheImunify360CloudLinuxPythonNode.jsOne-click installer
🌏 サーバーの場所 :デンマーク スクリーンショット

📜 プランの説明

Being a reseller with cHosting, you get to resell our product with the same features that we provide our own hosting customers.

Discount is automatically applied when selecting longer payment schedules
1 month: 0% discount
6 months: 5% discount
12 months: 10% discount

Control Panel: WHM/cPanel
Operating System: CloudLinux
Webserver: LiteSpeed with LiteSpeed Cache
CageFS: Yes
Imunify360: Yes

Whether you want to host HTML, PHP, Node.js or Python, we got you covered! All of your web applications can be managed from the same hosting accouint.

We know how important your data is. That is why we keep 14 days worth of backups for all of your data. Restore a single file, a folder, old emails, a mix of various data - or restore your entire account.
Backups are stored on a remote server in another datacenter.

All domains hosted on your cPanel account can be secured for free with a SSL certificate issued by Sectigo. You don't even need to do anything - SSL certificates are issued automatically!

It doesn't matter if you have a billing or a technical question - our team of supporters will provide you with the best possible answer. Do you have a plugin that stopped working? No issue! Just get in contact with our support team.
All of our supporters are cPanel certified and know what it's like to be a website administrator.

Security is very important for us. We don't just state security is important like many other companies do - we mean it. Here's a short breakdown of some of the solutions we use to secure our services:
CageFS: Jails each user. Users can't interact with other users' files. CageFS also allows us to limit what commands users can use.
Imunify360: Imunify360 scans all changed files for malware and cleans them immediately. Malicious requests to your websites are instantly blocked and bots (not search engine bots) are required to solve a captcha before being able to access your website.
Brute Force Protection: Our servers automatically detects brute force attempts on your services (web, mail, FTP etc.) and shadow-bans the attacker.

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  • Aze ロゴ
    🏆 Alexa Rating522,968

    • 💡 プラン: VIP Reseller 1
    • 🔧 カテゴリー: リセラーホスティング
    • 💻 OSタイプ: Linux
    • 💰 値段: DKK 499.00/mo.
    • 💿 ディスク領域: 25 GB
    • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 従量制
    • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
    • 📅 追加された:
    • 📆 アップデート済み:
    • 🌏 サーバー内:
    • のスクリーンショット VIP Reseller 1 差出人
    Unlimited number of aliases, subdomains, email accounts, mysql databases, ftp accounts
    1-click installer with WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento and many more