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Unit 12A Barrowside Business Park Sleaty Road
Carlow , CW r93 x265
☎ 電話 +353599183072
☎ 電話 +44 (0)845 5280242
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📜 プランの説明

Blacknight offers a comprehensive range of colocation options. From single servers up to full racks and private cages. You can choose from any of our four data centre locations.

Features include:

Fast deployment and scalability.
Industry standard 42U racks with dual 16A or 32A PDUs.
Direct access to the Blacknight Network with port speeds up to 10Gbps.
Power and network connectivity guaranteed by SLAs.
Flexible colocation options, with anything from a single server to your own private cage.
Multiple geographically diverse data centre options for high availability solutions.
24x7x365 remote hands.


Blacknight are members of a number of the largest peering exchanges in Europe, which gives us unparalleled access to many leading ISPs. Peering ensures your data gets to the end user as efficiently as possible.

We use a number of Tier-1 providers for IP Transit, including Level3, TeliaSonera and Cogent.


Network Bandwidth can be allocated in a block (e.g. 10TB/month) or as a sustained rate of transfer and billed using 95th percentile billing.
Comprehensive server monitoring with both email and SMS alerts available.
Antenna space is available in a number of locations for wireless equipment.
CDP Backup - Blacknight offers a fast, proven, easy to use online backup solution to store your files safely.

For more info contact

📉 同じカテゴリおよび国の場所にある他の企業からの同様のホスティングプラン ≡

  • Web World ロゴ
    🏆 Alexa Rating1,758,981

    • 💡 プラン: Co-location Plan 1 - 1U
    • 🔧 カテゴリー: コロケーションホスティング
    • 💰 値段: 125.00/mo. バット23% exc
    • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 500 GB
    • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
    • 📅 追加された:
    • 🌏 サーバー内:
    • のスクリーンショット Co-location Plan 1 - 1U 差出人
    Yearly Fee: 9% OFF
    1-2U Per Server
    1-5 Amps Per Server
    Web Reboots
    100% Network Uptime
    100% Power Uptime
    24/7/365 Support
    Extra Features:
    Free server reboots
    Network Wide DDOS [...]
  • Maxer ロゴ
    🏆 Alexa Rating1,400,436
    👤 ユーザー評価 👉 合計口コミ: 7
    🙌 平均評価: 7.7 / 10
    👍 レビュー評価が高い: 5
    👎 悪いレビュー: 2
    👈 公式の回答: 1

    • 💡 プラン: Colocation 1
    • 🔧 カテゴリー: コロケーションホスティング
    • 💰 値段: 150.00/mo.
    • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 1 TB
    • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
    • 📅 追加された:
    • 🌏 サーバー内:
    • 総合評価 (7.7 から 10 差出人 7 レビュー)
    • のスクリーンショット Colocation 1 差出人
    1U Rental
    1TB Monthly Data Transfer
    20Mbps Full Duplex Uplink/Downlink
    1 Powerpoint & Network Connection