Amanah Tech Budget, $ 49.00/月 オン Linux 献身的

Budget に更新されました (追加 , 総合評価 (5.5 から 10 差出人 2 レビュー)
Amanah Tech
1 Yonge Street (4th Floor)
Toronto , ON m5e 1e5
☎ 電話 416-603-9825
  • 💡 Plan名: Budget (sku #p78988)
  • 🔧 カテゴリー: 専用ホスティング / Linux
  • 💰 値段:$ 49.00/月
  • 💿 ディスク領域: 1000 GB
  • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 2 TB
  • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
💪 CPU コア :Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3 (Quad Core)
🔋 RAM :8000 MB
🔌 ホステッドドメイン :無制限
🆓 無料ドメイン :0
📌 献身的 :0
💳 支払方法 :クレジットカード/デビットカードPayPal
🔨 コントロールパネル :KVM
✍️ サポートオプション :メールアドレスヘルプデスク電話/フリーダイヤルライブチャット24時間年中無休で利用可能
🌏 サーバーの場所 :カナダ
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📜 プランの説明

Single Processors
Speed - 1Gbps

DMCA-Free Zone
Canada is the prime location to stop being bullied by abusive take-down notices in North America. Avoid harassment from competitors and other baseless claims. If you manage multimedia or user-generated content, you likely see a long list of copyright disputes. Get a Canadian Dedicated Server so you escape bullying from aggressive rivals and copyright claims.

Fast Time to Market
Need a dedicated server? Since our equipment is already installed, we can have you up and running in less than 15 minutes during regular business hours. Yes, we’re that fast!

Location, Location, Location
Our dedicated servers are hosted in our two owned and operated data centres in Toronto’s downtown core: 151 Front Street West (Canada’s premier carrier hotel) and 1 Yonge Street (the world’s longest street!). You can choose to have your servers at 151 Front or 1 Yonge, or at both locations for increased redundancy.

Stay Domestic
Because we’re Canada’s national networking backbone, we’re able to offer domestic IPs for Canada and the United States. Now you can easily establish a foothold in either country without sacrificing your presence in your home location.

Some hosts lock you into extended contracts. Not Amanah. Our dedicated server agreements are month-to-month. If you’re unhappy, cancel with as little as one month’s notice. We get it, and we’re here to accommodate you.

State-of-the-Art Equipment
Amanah’s servers incorporate enterprise-grade hardware exclusively – Dell rack servers, decked out with the highest quality components on the market. This means that our servers are perfectly equipped to deal with everything from media streaming to a fully-functional SaaS implementation. Our dedicated servers have the power you require to run your business, and the scalability to help it grow.

Super-Powered Software for Management and Monitoring
Make your life easier. Managing security and remote configurations is a breeze with Amanah’s enterprise-grade servers equipped with Dell’s integrated KVM controller. Dell’s integrated KVM controller, the iDRAC 9, gives admins complete access to your dedicated server. It allows you to install software, reboot and completely manage your system – even if it crashes!

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    🏆 Alexa Rating336,786
    👤 ユーザー評価 👉 合計口コミ: 1
    🙌 平均評価: 10 / 10
    👍 レビュー評価が高い: 1
    👎 悪いレビュー: 0
    👈 公式の回答: 0

    • 💡 プラン: E3-1230v6-32G-8x6TB-HDD-RAID-10
    • 🔧 カテゴリー: 専用ホスティング
    • 💻 OSタイプ: Linux/Windows
    • 💰 値段: $ 799.00/mo.
    • 💿 ディスク領域: 24000 GB
    • 📶 トラフィック帯域幅: 33 TB
    • 💲 セットアップ料金: 無料
    • 📅 追加された:
    • 📆 アップデート済み:
    • 🌏 サーバー内:
    • 総合評価 (10 から 10 差出人 1 レビュー)
    • のスクリーンショット E3-1230v6-32G-8x6TB-HDD-RAID-10 差出人
    Fast Canadian Dedicated Server high storage capacity series. E3-1230v6 with 32 GB of RAM DDR4 and 8x 6 TB HDD with Hardware RAID-10, 10TB bandwidth, 1 Gbits WAN and 5 IP addresses. Start from [...]