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At first they were great, then things started to happen like recieving an email saying I was chosen for some special treatment because the website really impressed the CEO who I believe to be Brooke Bryan.

I refused their offer and thought it was funny to be chosen as a very good website and then to be charged for 'winning' favoured website of the month/year.

Then they suspended my account because it recieved too many visitors/used too much cpu/wordpress needed optimising! They then offered me another website host who would charge nearly 100 times the cost and just so happen to be owned by - just host.com!

After much argument the unsuspended my account and then suspended it again claiming that I used too much CPU but this time they wanted me away with half my money, minus more money for domain purchase (which was brought by me from Yahoo) and loads of aggreviation.

They are truly a criminal organisation and I still want my money and have complained to the Office of Fair Trading and political representative because companies such as these should not be allowed to hold people to ransom and blackmail.

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