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Its seems I should have read this site before getting my 'Web Hosting Service' from these guys.
I have had domain names from 123 for for about 5years and after hosting my own webpage on a .mac account I decided to do a better job. So I purchased theirwebhosting and payed near on £50 for the year.

As i got all my details sent through I saw my 'ftp' address was rather long winded. I didn't want to give out a complicated address to my clients. It worked out to be 'ftp://myname1-8654856@hosting6.123-reg.co.uk:21' which i had no way of knowing.

I emailed 123 to see how I could fix this,as I needed it be similar to 'ftp://myname.co.uk '(Any other ftp account I access is like this). My e.mail also questioned why my 'Point Domain at Website' was still ref my old temp page I had hosted elsewhere!!

The reply I got was very basic-


Unfortunately you cant change the username for an account.

Best Wishes,

I had no choice but to ring the premium rate line a few days later. Spoke to a chap called John and I asked if this ftp address could be altered he said 'no' and 'didn't see what my problem was'. I asked if I could have a refund and register again, at least to place my 'domain name' within the address. I was informed that it wasn't possible and 'if he did it for me then he would have to do it to everyone else'!!!???

He then said that I have had the service since 2001, I had to clarify again what my problem was but he couldn't get the fact that it wasn't my 'domain name' was wanting to change. He again wanted to know 'what i was complaining about', to which I replied that it wasn't a complaint merely a request at this point.

Having no joy his team leader came on the phone, a chap called Colin. His advice was that I use an ftp application and 'copied and pasted' my details so that my clients could 'copy and paste' them. All this in a condescending tone, saying he didn't see what my problem was!! After nearly 10 minutes and feeling like I didn't know how to use a computer I had to hang up, after all when someone talks over you when you are trying to explain a simple situation it becomes a little to much! Aughghghg!

Therefore no way of refund, the people who 'listen' dont' actually care (customer care!?)

Anyone advice on getting refunds on situations like this.

Sorry for the rant!

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