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We have used 123-Reg for over ten years for all of our own corporate and client domains.

Initially things were pretty stable – we did not actually have any problems to be dealt with by Support. However cver the past couple of years we have begun to encounter service issues and have had a number of occassions where we have had to deal with their “Support” (I do use this word in the loosest sense ) team…

We have now found that FOUR of our own corporate domains have not been Auto-Renewed (as they were set to.)
To cut a long story short we have today been advised that

“…The auto renewal process is not a guaranteed service that we offer. We take the payments at an unusual time therefore some banks can decline the payment from being taken. Also, at the time of auto renewals we might fail to take payment from your card. We do advise all of our customers that they need to check that there package has auto renewed to make sure they are not loosing there domains or services.”

And, just to make matters worse, they then closed the bloody Support Ticket as ‘Solved’ as we “had not responded for 72 hours”, which, yes you’ve guessed it, was over a week-end!! (64 hours of this 72 hours being 17:00 on Friday evening to 09:00 on Monday morning…)

Perhaps it is just me, but I quite simply cannot understand how a company can possibly offer such a disgusting, unprofessional service as is currently being dished out by 123-Reg.

We will be moving our services away from 123-Reg with immediate effect, but this is going to require somewhere in the region of 16+ man-hours which I really feel like charging back to this sham of a company.

Absolutely terrible - do not touch.

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