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Graigmuir Chambers, Road Town
Telefono +380 677485947
  • Nome del piano: Ideal for Anyone (sku #p19310)
  • Categoria: Hosting condiviso / Linux
  • Prezzo:$ 0,00/ Mo. | Commissione di installazione: gratuito
  • Spazio Sul Disco: 15 GB | Larghezza di banda del traffico: unmetered
  • Posizioni del server:
  • Pagamento: Carte di credito / debito / prepagate
Domini ospitati :illimitato
domini gratuiti :0
IP dedicati :0
Modalità di pagamento :Carte di credito / debito / prepagate
Pannello di controllo :[In-house]
Categoria :Condivisione di file
Opzioni di supporto :E-mailDisponibile 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7
Posizioni del server :Stati Uniti
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Descrizione del piano

Subscription term 180 days
How long you are able to use your account since last login (for Free Plan) or subscription (for prepaid Plans).

Maximum upload file size 2048 MB
The maximum size of a file you are able to upload.

Sub-Domain number 100
The Sub-Domain Folder Mapping feature allows the mapping of shared folders by sub-domain aliases, like FolderName.4shared.com instead of a usual sharing link.

Bandwidth limitation 0
Bandwidth is how much data can be sent/received through your connection. You have 100 GB of traffic to download files with Premium advantages. This traffic is updated every month. If you exceed 100 GB you can still download files, but only as a free user

24/7 Technical Support
The members of 4shared 24/7 Support team will be glad to answer any users' questions and help them resolve any occurring technical problems, regarding 4shared services.

All 4shared users are provided with newly-updated 4shared services and applications for free.
Zip Preview
You can see the contents of certain Zip file in separate preview window.

Zip your files online
It allows you to archive files directly in your account without any additional software.

Search function
Transfer and manage files online
You can upload, download and manage files directly in your virtual drive using only your Internet browser, without any additional software.

Windows style menus and toolbars
Windows, Linux, and Mac operation system support
Our service is supported by the most popular operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

Multilevel file system
Better usability is also provided by the treelike structure of your virtual drive.

WebDav client
Availability to treat 4shared account like a regular folder on Windows Explorer similar to My Documents on a PC.

An ability to drag many files or folders at one 4shared account and place them into the different folders of the account with the help of the mouse. Solution of this feature is not available for Safari and Internet Explorer.
Multi-Select Actions
An ability to upload, download and manage different files simultaneously.
Direct Download Links
An ability to share direct links to files and folders, which makes it possible for other people to download the files instantly.

Social Media File-Sharing
An ability to link the user’s 4shared account with his/her accounts in social media networks. Thus, all account updates will be automatically posted at the user's social media pages (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Restore Files
Any deleted files or folders from the user’s 4shared account can be restored from the “Trash” folder, if it’s necessary

Customized Background
Any 4shared user can make his/her 4shared account background customized by either selecting a wallpaper from the offered list, or uploading any photo, he/she likes.

QR Codes for All Files
All files at the user’s 4shared account have got QR codes, which makes it possible for the users to get the link to any file from 4shared in a few seconds with any QR Code Reader.

Photo View
Multiple file upload
File upload progress bar
The progress bar is shown while your files are being uploaded.
Copy, move, delete and rename files
You can manage any number of files at once. Files can be marked for further use.
Share files/folders with anyone by a web-based link to them
A unique sharing link is provided for each folder. Following this link, other people can access your shared files.
Folder sharing with different access levels
You can set different parameters and rights of access to your shared folders.

Password protection of folder
Each of your shared folders can be protected by an individual password.

Email file as sharing link
It allows you to send sharing links of marked files via email.
Thumbnails view
You can set the thumbnail view of photos, where all images are in preview mode.

Photo album
You can set the view of folders as a Photo album, where all images are in preview mode.

Play your music files online
Ability to play music files online without downloading.

Stream video
Text file preview
Change the file description
File comments
This feature allows other people to add comments concerning your shared file.

Automatic virus checking of files that effectively protect you against being infected by a virus.

Secure registration and login
Procedures of registration and login are carried out by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology that provides secure and confidential communication by encrypting information.

4shared Desktop
4shared Desktop is a free application for Windows, Linux and Mac PC’s, developed to expand 4shared functionality.
This easy-to-use software is designed specifically to help manage multiple file uploads.

4shared Mobile for Android, Symbian, Blackberry
Convenient 4shared mobile applications enable the users to get instant access to their 4shared accounts from their smartphones, upload any files and folders from their devices’ memory, and vice versa, download any necessary files on their phones directly from 4shared.
Android Symbian Blackberry
4shared Music for Android
4shared Music for Android allows the user to get instant access to all music files at 4shared and his/her account from his/her Android smartphone.
“Manage your playlist” option enables the user to add favorite tracks into playlists.

4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad
4shared photo for iPhone/iPad is a user-friendly app, with which you can easily take photos on your iPhone/iPad, manage your photo-albums and share your favorite digital masterpieces with anyone, you wish to.
Moreover, 4shared photo lets you have the back-up of all your photos at the secured 4shared account.

Revisione editoriale

Fondato nel 2005, 4Shared offre servizi di archiviazione online e condivisione di file, nonché hosting gratuito .

Con la loro opzione di hosting gratuito, i clienti beneficiano di un gran numero di funzionalità integrate nel piano. Questo può essere aggiornato e ai clienti viene fornito un supporto 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7. Per la gestione dei file, funzionalità come i file zip online (pensati per l'archiviazione dei file), la possibilità di trasferire e gestire i file online, il file system multilivello, il ripristino dei file, la condivisione delle cartelle e la protezione con password per i file fanno parte dell'opzione gratuita.

Ciò che il piano Premium ha da offrire oltre al piano gratuito è che questo include condivisione senza pubblicità, modifica di file, accesso FTP / SFTP, download diretti di file sulla tua pagina, statistiche di file e account e, per maggiore protezione, clienti vengono forniti con il backup dei dati, quindi le tue informazioni sono al sicuro.