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123 Reg
5th Floor, The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, 252 – 254 B
Hayes UB3 1HA
Telepon 0345 450 2310
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Shandyman ( sdyman@n... )
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I advise to stay well clear of this hosting company.

I've been caught by their 'affiliation scheme' - recommend a customer and they'll pay commission.

Total Lies! Recommend a customer and they'll pull every excuse in the book to NOT pay commission.

1. They must setup account and buy package at same time. (They Did!)
2. You cant buy package for your own use and get commission. (I wasn't!)
3. Commissions added automatically. (They're not!)

My first query / complaint about this started early in Feb.
Cant get to speak to anyone, support queries get closed when they're not answered.
Answers dont even address the questions....The support staff dont read the questions before picking a standard answer to reply with.

As it happens they've only suceeded in making me take every opportunity to put people off purchasing from 123-reg.
I've informed them of my decision to move my hosting account and they've just ignored it - they simply dont care.

123-Reg may advertise low rates and seemingly good deals but they will cost you big time if you need any sort of support or expect them to backup what they advertise. Please stay clear to protect your sanity and bank balance.

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