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I ordered one of their dedicated servers. They told me it would be up in 15 mins. I waited and then thought sod it, i'll go with another webhosting company.
So I rang 123-reg up on their 50p/min support line and asked them to cancel it and refund the money as I had not recieved the service.
They told me that that would be fine but they would have to get a manager to call me back.
I waited.....and waited....and waited, nobody called.
I sent them several emails, to which they responded to none. I phoned pipex, they told me they couldn't help.
3 weeks after that, I recieved an email from them saying that the server had been activated to which I replied that I had cancelled it and that I was still awaiting a refund.
I sent numerous emails after that, about 1 a day, no response as yet except for a couple of auto responders.
Now, I am nearly 2 months on from the initial order of the server, i still havent got my money back.
What should I do about this?

Btw, if anyone wants good dedicated servers www.cari.net is the place to go, as long as you dont mind that the servers are in the US.

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