VPS2, $ 25,00/bln. pada Linux VPS

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Damascus 440
☎ Telepon 963944521692
  • 💡 Nama paket: VPS2 (sku #p90656)
  • 🔧 Kategori: VPS / Linux
  • 💰 Harga:$ 25,00/bln.
  • 💿 Ruang Disk: 40 GB
  • 📶 Bandwidth lalu lintas: 800 GB
  • 💲 Biaya Pengaturan: gratis
💪 CPU / Cores :1.47 GHz
🔋 RAM :1024 MB
🔌 Domain yang diinangi :tanpa batas
🆓 domain gratis :0
📌 IP khusus :0
💳 Metode Pembayaran :Kartu Kredit / Debit / PrabayarPayPalSkrill (Moneybookers)Western Union
✍️ Opsi Dukungan :EmailBantuanTelepon / Bebas Pulsa
🌏 Lokasi Server :Syria
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📜 Deskripsi

The maximum connection time to the server
Server readiness is crucial for all businesses - consider hosting your own heartbeat. Files,
databases, servers, e-mail, and network servers are an integral part of most business processes, and
their disruptions have direct negative impacts on productivity, sales, employee and customer
satisfaction. This is why ensuring maximum server readiness is so important to us - we want to
make sure your business processes are running so customers are happy.
Trust us with your business needs, our networks 99.9% work on any services we provide, outside of
maintenance times we can provide them.

Deliver data on a global scale
Our services are run by hundreds of servers and data centers located all over the world, which
will enable you to rest knowing that customers can access your website from anywhere. In
addition, we provide monitoring tools to provide analytics for experts - website traffic which is an
important step in improving the efficiency of your site and popularity, as well as keeping track of
visitors, with detailed data. Our dedication to the global market extends to domain registration,
offering the most popular domains.
Our dedication to customer support reaches all over the world too. We are here to help you with
hosting or any possible way, and you can reach us by phone, email or live chat.

The highest level of safety
We monitor dumping operations to protect against them 24/7. We take the protection of your
customer data very seriously, as well as our security and safeguards team working every day, and
a high level of security is provided to face the digital age today.
There is a wide range of security tools at your disposal, including SSL certificates, firewall
configuration, security monitoring services, VPN access, and more.

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