Rencana #71972, GeoTrust® [...], € 155,00/thn

GeoTrust® TrueBusiness ID telah diperbarui pada (ditambahkan )
Via Volturno 80/Cedri
Brugherio , LOMBARDY 20861
Telepon +39 039 94 66 625
  • Nama paket: GeoTrust® TrueBusiness ID (sku #p71972)
  • Kategori: Sertifikat SSL
  • Harga: 155,00/thn
  • Ruang Disk: -
  • Bandwidth lalu lintas: -
  • Biaya Pengaturan: gratis
  • Pembayaran: Kartu Kredit / Debit / Prabayar
Domain yang diinangi :1
Metode Pembayaran :Kartu Kredit / Debit / Prabayar
Opsi Dukungan :EmailBantuanTelepon / Bebas PulsaMengobrol Langsung
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coverage: 1 subdomain
Validation: Business verification

The GeoTrust TrueBusiness® ID SSL Certificates have, in addition to the previous ones, a higher guarantee ceiling (USD 1,250,000) and a stronger commercial recognition. The Trust Seal added to the protected page / s also contains the company name to which the certificate is registered and, when clicked, opens a window with additional information about the company holding the certificate. The EV (extended verification) version enables the browser's Green Bar, ie the display of the green padlock symbol + green background in the address bar, indicating maximum reliability when browsing a website, and displaying the name of the company next to it to the padlock symbol

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