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Rue Eugène-Marziano 25
Les Acacias , GE 1227
☎ Telepon +41 22 820 3544
📠 Faks +41 22 820 3546
  • 💡 Nama paket: Managed 1 (sku #p46600)
  • 🔧 Kategori: Cloud / Linux
  • 💰 Harga: 29,00/bln.
  • 💿 Ruang Disk: 250 GB
  • 📶 Bandwidth lalu lintas: tidak terukur
  • 💲 Biaya Pengaturan: gratis
💪 CPU / Cores :4 Cores
🔋 RAM :12000 MB
🔌 Domain yang diinangi :20
🆓 domain gratis :0
📌 IP khusus :0
💳 Metode Pembayaran :Kartu Kredit / Debit / PrabayarPayPalTransfer rekeningPembayaran Check
🔨 Control Panel :[Di rumah]
🔧 Kategori :Dikelola sepenuhnya
✍️ Opsi Dukungan :EmailBantuanTelepon / Bebas Pulsa
🌏 Lokasi Server :Swiss
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📜 Deskripsi

Cloud Server Managed
Disk Space
From 100 GB to 1 TB, 100% SSD

Increase your VPS storage space to suit your needs. The MySQL databases and logs are stored on the Cloud Server.
My WordPress Site
Optimised hosting for WordPress

Install WordPress in a few clicks and enjoy Elegant Themes, WooThemes themes for free. To find out more
PHP support
Choose between PHP 5.5 / 5.6 / 7 / ...

The latest PHP versions are available as they come out. You can use the different PHP versions on the same hosting to suit your needs.
MongoDB Support
Manage your data with the first NoSQL database

Our Cloud servers support MongoDB, one of the most popular database management systems. Manage large amounts of data without compromising the flexibility and performance of your online projects.
Cloud Technology
A powerful and flexible infrastructure

Increase the power of your Server at all times to meet your changing needs. Add up to 24 vCPU and 50 GB of RAM to your Cloud Server. Each vCPU represents a dedicated thread on a latest-generation Dell server, offering two 2.5 GHz Xeon CPUs (max. turbo frequency).
Multidomain management
A Cloud Server contains several hostings which themselves may contain several sites

Organise your websites in different hostings and share your server's resources between your different hostings. To find out more
SSH Access
Specialized access for your file operations

An SSH account allows you to login to your hosting space and manipulate the files even more flexible than a conventional FTP account.
FTP Accounts
Unlimited Creation

These accounts allow you to delegate the management of certain parts of your website to other users while keeping full control over the main site.
Resources for running scripts
Up to 3600 seconds and 2048 MB of RAM

The max_execution_time and memory_limit values can be modified for each site according to your needs.
Unlimited tables and bases

Create as many databases as needed for your web project.
MySQL 5.6.x / 5.5.x

Our servers use the latest versions of MySQL.
File Backup
Daily & geographically remote

A backup of all your data (files, databases, FTP accounts, etc.) is made on a daily basis, and made available to you from your FTP space.
Scheduled Tasks
Cronjob/Webcrons tool

Schedule the execution of regular tasks: Creating an automatic report, send an email, purging an SQL table, connection to remote API, etc.
Datacenter by Infomaniak in Geneva, Switzerland
Built to Tier III standar

Infomaniak has its own datacenter that meets the highest safety and environmental standards: Dual power supply, UPS, on-site generator, fire and intrusion protection, etc.
Ultra-Fast Connection
Over 60 Gbps of total bandwidth

Our datacenters are connected by "dark" fibers of Services Industriels Genevois in particular. 20 Gbps peering with IP-Plus and Level3, 10 Gbps link with Cogent and SwissIX. Find out more
Traffic Statistics
Learn all about your visitors

Automatic, detailed statistics about your visitors on a daily basis.
System of Permissions over your Files
Users and owners

Access your data securely using SSH. You can also set the number of FTP accesses required for the folders of your choice. No more problems with permissions for your scripts.
Compatibility with TLS/SSL certificates
Https:// and IP fixed IP

Secure browsing on your website using a free certificate (self-signed) or reserved with organizations such as Thawte, Comodo, VeriSign, StartSSL, etc.

Easy to manage professional Web hosting

Cloud hosting is the most powerful tailor-made solution for web professionals and businesses. A managed Cloud Server is configured, ready to go, and you can customise its material configuration and software to fit your needs.
Powerful and customizable

Every Cloud Server comes with 2 CPU, 6 GB RAM and 100 GB of SSD storage, and you can easily increase this configuration.

Up to 1 TB of SSD disk space
Up to 24 CPU and 50 GB RAM
Up to 100 hostings and 400 websites

Entirely dedicated resources

Configure your Server as you wish to suit your needs.

Resources genuinely allocated to your server
Free SSL Certificates for all your sites
Incoming and outgoing ports opened
Personal IP included
Runtime and memory allocated to customisable scripts
Personalised software configuration (node.js, mongodb, PHP libraries, etc.)
Choice of cache engine of the server (memcache, apc/opcache, varnish)

The Ultimate WordPress experience

Enjoy a Cloud Server optimized for WordPress and enjoy all the included advantages:

WordPress installation in 1 click
90 professional themes offered (249$)
Optimised for online marketing

wordpress applications
120 Web Applications in 1 click

Install and update most CMS and Web applications easily.

1-click installation of Joomla, Prestashop, ownCloud, etc.
Backup and restoring enabled
Automatic security updates

Professional Newsletter tool

Send email campaigns every month for free with a professional newsletter tool.

Create newsletters which are optimised for smart phones and tablets
Optimise your communication thanks to detailed statistics
Import and manage your contact list easily
Enjoy credits offered every month

Professional VOD/AOD platform

Store, transmit and protect your audio and video content by using the same tools as professional radio and TV stations.

10 GB included with your hosting
Token based media protection
Generating revenue from the content
Restriction by geolocation
Audience monitoring and statistics

Automatically backed up

Infomaniak optimises your Server and backs up your data every 24 hours.

Backed up in another Infomaniak datacentre
Easy recovery of MySQL databases and files via the console
7 archived backups

Simplified management of advanced functions

The Infomaniak admin console is permanently evolving and allows you to manage your Cloud Server simply.

Advanced rights management
Multi-hosting management
Multisite management
SSH access
Choice of PHP versions
SSL certificate management
Cron management
Runtime and memory allocated to customisable scripts

Hosted in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe

Infomaniak is a Swiss company active all over Europe.

Neutral and independent Business
Datacentres located in Switzerland
Products developed and maintained in Switzerland


Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Infomaniak is a socially responsible green hosting provider. Our actions are framed by strict regulations and an ecological charter which we comply with on a daily basis.

Certified ISO 14001 and ISO 50001
The most environmentally friendly Datacentre in Switzerland
100% of our energy is renewable
Our CO2 emissions are entirely offset

ISO 50001 ISO 14001

Unlimited traffic

Infomaniak facilitates your success and does not put any monthly traffic limit on your Cloud Server.
Uptime guaranteed at 99.9%

Infomaniak is committed to offering a 99.9% service availability.

Anti-DDoS protection

In the event of DDoS attacks, your sites are secure and will continue to function normally. Our DDoS mitigation solution is distributed over four continents and can absorb attacks of over 4.5 TB/s.

1 Gb/s internet connection

Upload and download your data in the blink of an eye thanks to an ultra-reliable and redundant bandwidth. You will benefit from our different internet connections which have a capacity higher than Gb/s!

We use OpenStack technology to manage the different Cloud Servers' services. OpenStack offers power and stability and is the most commonly used free operating system to manage Cloud infrastructures.
At the cutting edge of technology

Use the most recent PHP and MySQL versions, improve your referencing thanks to the speed offered by a 100% SSD professional Web hosting and benefit from a reliable infrastructure.

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