Googie Host Free Hosting, $ 0,00/bln. pada Linux Bersama

Free Hosting (produk #38671) telah diperbarui pada (ditambahkan ), Peringkat Agregat (7.38 dari 10 dari 8 ulasan)
Googie Host
1/14 Forest Colony Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
Lucknow 226010
Telepon +91 979-207-3768
  • Nama paket: Free Hosting (sku #p38671)
  • Kategori: Hosting Bersama / Linux
  • Harga:$ 0,00/bln. | Biaya Pengaturan: gratis
  • Ruang Disk: 1 GB | Bandwidth lalu lintas: tidak terukur
  • Lokasi Server:
Domain yang diinangi :1
domain gratis :0
IP khusus :0
Control Panel :DirectAdmin
Opsi Dukungan :Email
Lokasi Server :Amerika Serikat
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1000MB Disk Space

Now you can host unlimited numbers of website files, every free hosting comes with 1000MB SSD boosted space.
Unlimited Bandwidth

Don't worry even if you have good traffic on your website or blog,we offer Unlimited bandwidth with 100MBPS uplink.
Absolutely Free ! No ads

We don't place ads on your website its 100% yours and you can monetize your websites to make some dollars from ads.
Free Emails

Create free professional e-mails accounts for your friends and employees without paying any extra charges for that.
Free Subdomains

You can always create unlimited subdomain using any of our domain that already available in your hosting account for free.
2 MySQL Databases

we do not have any limits for MySQL, with GoogieHost MySQL database support is included with all free hosting accounts!
2 FTP Accounts

Manage your website FileZilla or any other FTP client using your FTP account details which comes with no limit here
Free Website Builder

Create professional look website even if you do not have special codding or programming knowledge with our Zyro Website Builder.
Free Website Templates

We have large number of website HTML templates, you can easily download them from your control panel and re-upload after editing.
Free CMS Installers

Our Softaculas Auto Installer comes with 300+ popular scripts, you could install WordPress, Joomla, SMF etc in just one click.
Online File Manager

We have 2 different File Manager to which allows you to manage your files effectively, FileManager2 is featured by Net2FTP
SSH, PHP all versions

We offer SSH access to your website and 3 latest versions of PHP to choose from PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.0.1 which is latest versions of PHP
Spam Protection

To protect your websites and our server we provide Spam protection, These features makes GoogieHost best from other free hosts
Free Helpdesk Support

Our team is ready to solve your queries 24X7 however we currently offer ticket support options only, we will launch chat soon
Hotlink Protection

Protect your website files from being copied using our hotlink protection feature which normaly comes with premium hosting plans

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