AvaHost Node 1, $ 15,95/bln. pada Cloud VPS

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Belize City
☎ Telepon +1 (206) 350-91-89
📠 Faks +1 (206) 350-91-89
  • 💡 Nama paket: Node 1 (sku #p39569)
  • 🔧 Kategori: VPS / Cloud
  • 💰 Harga:$ 15,95/bln.
  • 💿 Ruang Disk: 10 GB
  • 📶 Bandwidth lalu lintas: 3 TB
  • 💲 Biaya Pengaturan: gratis
💪 CPU / Cores :2.40 GHz
🔋 RAM :512 MB
🔌 Domain yang diinangi :tanpa batas
🆓 domain gratis :1
📌 IP khusus :0
💳 Metode Pembayaran :Kartu Kredit / Debit / PrabayarPayPal
✍️ Opsi Dukungan :EmailBantuanTelepon / Bebas PulsaMengobrol LangsungTersedia 24/7
🌏 Lokasi Server :Amerika Serikat
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📜 Deskripsi

Each node provides 512MB RAM, 10GB SAN storage, 2.4GHz dedicated CPU and 3TB/month bandwidth.

Who needs a VPS Server?
If your websites traffic or required functionality exceeds the capacity of regular shared hosting plan, then an ideal solution for you is to switch to a VPS server. Your own virtual server, with complete root access, VNC console, ability to install any operating system, control panel, and host any number of websites.

Cloud VPS
It is one of the most reliable and efficient types of hosting. Cloud hosting use case scenario — is where a user simultaneously uses the resources of multiple physical servers, that make up a cluster. So the load is getting balanced and evenly distributed across all servers. All of the resources get reserved in real time, to provide a powerful virtual machine with a stable working environment. Even if one servers goes offline — it will have no effect on the availability of the website, its virtual server will continue to pull resource from the remaining network of servers.

All hosting plans include:
Advantages of Cloud VPS:

Robust cloud technologies
Fully dedicated resources (CPU, RAM, Disk)
High performance is guaranteed by cluster of servers
High performance SAN RAID 10 storage
Scalability and Flexibility
Real time usage graphs
Choose from 20 datacenters, across 5 continents
Automatically install more than 10 OS

General features :

Full SSH Root Access
Unlimited domains/sites
Developer tools
Installation of any your own application
Your own DNS servers
Free DNS Hosting
Dedicated IP
Reinstalling of the OS at any time
Reboot of your VPS at any time
Allowed compile of third-party applications

Operating Systems :

All Os

CentOS (5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 6.0, 6.2, 6.4)
(os templates with CPanel, ISPManagerPro, LAMP, LNMP, Apache, Plesk etc. )
ArchLinux 2012
CloudLinux (5.5-6.2) (os templates with CPanel, ISPManagerPro, LAMP, LNMP, Apache, Plesk etc. )
Debian Linux (5, 6, 7)
Fedora (13-16)
FreeBSD 9
Gentoo 10
JumpBox (with 50 different pre-installed scripts: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Phpbb etc.
MineCraft Game Server
Ubuntu Linux (10-13)
Windows Server (2003, 2008)
(Note: Windows needs minimim 20Gb of disk space (2 nodes) )

(Desired OS is selected and installed automatically when you are creating or reinstalling an account. New OS versions and new templates can be added (those that are not listed above). Different datacenters have their own list of available OS’s and templates.)
Choose any Data Center:
During the ordering process you can choose in which datacenter (in which country) you want to create your account.
Place your site in the location closest to you and your website’s visitors. Choose from 20 datacenters, across 8 continents.
Now available: USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Australia (per request), India (per request), Brazil (per request).
Promotion package :
Webmasters tools: Search Engine Submitter, Analyzer, Position cheker.
Articles and links: Promotion, Marketing, Search engine optimization.
Free credit for ads on Yahoo! and Microsoft AdCenter.
Collection of programs for a webmaster.
VPS Technical Support :
Monthly VPS price includes only «Basic Management».
Basic Management includes initial operation system installation (CentOS, Ubuntu etc.),
and initial control panel installation (HyperVM/Kloxo, CPanel/WHM, ISPmanager etc).

For additional payment ($25 per request, limited to 1 hour)
we can offer Advanced Technical Help of our system administrators to
manage customer’s VPS server.

Advanced Technical Help (rate: $25 per hour) includes such services as:
OS reinstall, Control Panel reinstall, installing of additional modules,
scripts, files etc, upgrade of the system, control panel or modules,
configuration of Firewall or other security systems.
You can order Advanced Technical Help here.
Additional services:
Single domain registration Free
Additional domain registration from $12.95 a year
Discounts for domain registrations 25% for VPS customers
SSL certificate $25 a year
Control panel CPanel/WHM $12 a month
Auto-installer of scripts for CPanel $12 a year
Control panel ISPManager Pro $3 a month
WHMCS — billing system $10 a month
Litespeed — web server $17 a month
Windows Server License $10 a month
Other control panels Plesk, DirectAdmin per request

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