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123 Reg
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Stephen ( stephen@m... )
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Avoid the terrible hosting company '123-reg.co.uk' . If you bought hosting from them years ago, they will keep your debit card details (without permission) and take money out of your account willy nilly. The only way to cancel these automatic 'payments' (theft!) is to call them on a premium rate number.

I called them last week to cancel an old hosting package and was on hold for half an hour on their premium rate number before I hung up. Never got to speak to anyone.

Then I used their support site (a misnomer if ever there was one) to tell them I couldn't get through by phone to cancel and that I expressly forbid them to take money out of my account the following week. They replied, asking if I was sure, then closed the line of communication. So I got in touch again, telling them 'cancel the hosting, do not take money from my account and I do not give permission for you to hold my card details and never have'.

So guess what they did? They took £70 from my bank account today! I drove to the RBS and told them the story and they said they couldn't and wouldn't do anything. I argued with them for half an hour and they were completely unhelpful. I told them I did not believe that if you buy something from a company years ago, they can then take money out of your account illegally and the bank, the police, Trading Standards - nobody would help.

So I then spent then rest of the afternoon back on hold to 123-reg.co.uk on their premium rate number, got through and went mental. After they tried to say that it was my fault, I finally got them to remove my debit card details from their computer. They told me they'd send a refund request to their accounting department and I'll belive it when I see it.

The moral is: never deal with 123-reg.co.uk . Oh, and they DOUBLED their prices for all of their business customers in January for exactly the same service.

123-ripoff, more like!

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