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I got a domain www.bracknellreelclub.org.uk from them over a year ago and that was fine I had it pointing to a subdirectory of my own domain.

However on 28th Nov 2006 I purchased a hosting for it from 123-reg. It was obvious from the start that there was some problem with the setup as the control panel gave a system error when I tried to access the file store. Also I didn't get the email saying what I should do for ftp access. They did send me the email with the name and password after a few days but did nothing about the problems. I tried doing FTP and it rejected the username and password.

I sent various emails and filled forms on their site and after two weeks I got an automated email saying I should say 123-Pending on the subject line and they might then look at the problem.

I sent more emails and filled forms now asking for my money back. After 4 weeks I got a reply from a human being saying he had tried accessing my website and it worked - did I still want a refund? You'd have thought they would know about hosting and pointing the domain at it. Why they couldn't just try out the FTP when I'd supplied them back with the username and password they supplied me I don't know.

Anyway now after five weeks I'm sending off the details to the credit card company and see if they can't get my money back. No point leaving it too long or it'll all get lost in the mists of time.

So my advice is forget them. Maybe in another six months they may get their act together and you can check again if you are really strapped for money. But spending money and getting absolutely nothing is hardly very worthwhile. My only problem now is, where do I get a fairly cheap hosting for a domain ending in .uk? I must admit to a certain feeling of second-ratedness when I see that all the various recommended sites are in the US. Then again I though 123-reg was supposed to be highly rated last year.

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