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123-Reg and Pipex - What a company!!

We are part of a large UK University and have used 123-Reg and the parent company Pipex, both for domain registeration and web hosting for a range of university projects. For a particular project, we used the Site Builder Package, and this has performed generally fine over the past two years or so. It's 'idiot guide' to website design is user friendly and simple, if not limited, but offers busy people easy access to website design and hosting.

However, over the past several months, 123-Reg Pipex have 'lost' or 'corrupted' data, which has resulted in an older version of our website being shown, despite much time and effort having being spent on an updated version. The current website is showing a version seven months out of date. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. We understand some customers have lost websites altogether, due to incompetence by 123-Reg Pipex.

Additionally, if one wants to move between the 'old' site builder packages, and the 'new' packages on offer, then you can, BUT you cannot transfer the data; which in effect means you lose the content of the website, and you effectively have to start again.

Customer Service Advisers, once connected via a very long telephone wait, are ill-advised and VERY poorly trained. Email responses are poor, do not address the crux of the issues, and are very slow to return.

This company is unsustainable in its current form, and judging by the negative comments posted here, will no doubt suffer financially. We are in the process of moving from 123-Reg and Pipex, and as a University, have recently written formally to Mike Read (CEO of Pipex). We await his response.

Our Advice - if a company such as 123-Reg Pipex ultises David Hasslehoff in a marketing campaign, then perhaps we customers should already know of the product on offer. PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION - DO NOT BUY!!

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