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-anonyme- (designer@s...) / iconstructwebs.com
Temps hébergé: plus de 3 ans
Note globale
I've used Tierra.net since 2001 and I have some of my clients also hosted with Tierra.net. The reason I've stayed is their prices are fair, their admin areas are easy to understand and these people answer a customer support question (especially phone) quickly. All of my 65 domains are parked there too and I've never had an issue of pricing or tardy renewal notices
-anonyme- (-caché-) / erneel.com
Temps hébergé: 1 à 3 mois
Note globale
I can recommend TierraNet to other users from my experience. I am happy with the service and support, the support is always on time and very good quality service. I found tierranet as good as Blue Host, Domain racer, and crazy domains as they also provide good support and features.
-anonyme- (allchindouglas@g...) / douglasallchin.net
Temps hébergé: plus de 3 ans
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The worst. Impossible. 150% price increase on domain registration and they are frustrating all efforts for me to transfer my domain to another registrar. Unethical business practices.
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À propos Tierra Net

It all started with a simple goal.

Founded in 1996 with a simple goal of providing individuals and businesses with an easy, affordable, and reliable means to maintain a web presence, TierraNet has developed into a leading service provider. Standing by our goal, we are focused on providing an excellent service experience.

Unparalleled service and integrity

With a variety of value-added services, free tools, and outstanding, friendly customer service, TierraNet has maintained steady growth by relying on word-of-mouth advertising. Most of our customers have come to us based on personal recommendations from family, friends and business acquaintances who have enjoyed their hosting experiences with TierraNet.
We're here for you

TierraNet wants to be your favorite choice for web hosting, domain registration, internet access, and more. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Data Centers

TierraNet has developed an industry leading, state of the art data center in our California office. Our customers can rest assured their services are proctected and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Cutting Edge Network Infrastructure

The APC InfraStruxure system allows us to expand our network, one module at a time, seamlessly with no interruptions and power and data are separated into separate channels to provide high quality, efficient data transfer.

The facility is kept cool with a redundant HVAC system that circulates the entire volume of air in the facility every 2 minutes.
Fully Redundant, Data Grade Power

In case of a power interruption, the electrical power is backed up by an APC UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) that can keep the system running on batteries for about 8 minutes. After battery power, a Katolight generator kicks in with fuel reserves sufficient for full 5 days, and with live refueling capabilities can sustain the data center forever.

Our facility is secured with alarm systems and multi level access control. The flooring is anti-static to ensure the safety of the equipment when handled by technicians.
Fire Control Systems

An FM-200 gas fire protection system protects our hardware, with second stage backup fire suppression. The FM-200 clean fire suppression agent does not harm the ozone and has no cleanup time which eliminates costly downtime.

San Diego
Our state-of-the-art data center, located in San Diego County, offers a strong, reliable foundation on which our services are based.
With a OC-48 fiber optic backbone, we are connected via multi-homed gigabit ethernet connections with over 300 high end business class servers.

Los Angeles
We are backed and hosted at one of the largest co-hosting facilities in the US, residing side by side with equipment from other major carriers. Should there be a catastrophic event an automatic handoff to the this facility kicks in, and the operation seamlessly moves itself to the second site.

We make web hosting easy and affordable for you.

From personal hosting, small and medium business website hosting to ecommerce-enabled store hosting, we offer multiple hosting plans focused on getting you the best solution for your hosting needs. Our state-of-the-art data centers provide 99.9% uptime and our world class customer support is available 24/7 365 days a year, ready to offer service anytime you need it. We also offer email only hosting and dedicated servers.

Standard Features

Backup & Restore Service - NEW!
Nightly backups, downloadable backup files, on-demand restorations and an optional CD/DVD backup ensure your files, data and entire website are protected from loss.

Email - IMAP, POP3 & WebMail
Full set of email features for your hosting including aliases, spam settings, webmail, and more.

Shared SSL Certificate
Use our SSL certificate on your hosting to secure your URL and get the benefits of SSL without the costs associated with setting up an SSL server.

MySQL database

MySQL Database Hosting
SQL log analyzer, SQL query tool.

Multiple Language Support
Every hosting plan supports multiple languages, including PHP, Perl and Java.

Free Hosting Add Ons
Counters, form processors, photo gallery and many more.

Site Statistics
View hits, page views, files accessed, visitor stats and much more in easy to read customizable reports right in your hosting control panel.

Site Logs
All accounts have access to downloadable raw log files, including access and error logs for your hosting.

Custom Error Messages
Provide your own custom "404 Not Found", "401 Access Denied" and "500 Script Error" messages.

Control panel

Powerful Hosting Control Panel
Manage your email, FTP, DNS, monitor site statistics, view invoices, and more.

TierraNet's online web editor makes it easy to manage your web site files without the need for special software.

Virus Protection
Our automatic virus scanning software keeps malicious programs from ever reaching your inbox.

Spam Protection
Trap or discard more than 99% of your unwanted email using our free, easy and flexible spam filters.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers provide you with additional flexibility, and additional CPU and bandwidth capacity over our standard hosting plans.

All dedicated server plans can be pre-configured with TierraNet's control panel system or without, allowing you to configure them with root access. All dedicated servers are TierraNet-owned and managed.

TierraNet's Control Panel Configuration

System comes pre-installed with:

POP and SMTP servers
FTP server, nameserver
Statistics system
MySQL database
TierraNet's "control panel" system
Weekly full backup
Daily incremental backup
2 hrs tech support/mo
FREE 24/7/365 U.S. Based Support

Control panel configurations do not have root access.
Hosting Packages

Multiple hosting packages: Email only, UltraLite, Lite and Professional can be hosted on a single machine. Each additional package is $2.00/month (plus bandwidth charges).

Premium and Ultimate accounts can be hosted for $30/month (plus bandwidth charges).
Without Control Panel Configuration

System comes pre-installed with:

OS of your choice*
SSH access
Root access

*Any licensing fees to be paid by customer.
Data Center

The TierraNet data center includes proven power protection with UPS and a diesel generator capable of handling power-outages of up to 24 hours in length. Our network uptime over the last 18 months has exceeded 99.9%.

TierraNet proactively monitors hardware, typically identifying problems before they occur. All dedicated servers include daily tape backups, and since hardware is owned by TierraNet, downtime is minimized in the event of a hardware failure.

Systems are capable of handling several million web requests per day.
Customer Service

Dedicated servers, like our production webservers, are monitored by a live person 24 hours per day. Should the need arise, dedicated server customers can contact the TierraNet NOC (Network Operations Center) to reboot servers, or provide technical support. TierraNet offers a unique level of customer service which you won't find with many providers.

Systems are configured in a similar manner to our production webservers. The installed control panel and services closely mirror the control panel and services which are offered on our standard accounts. Root access is not provided.

Bulk Bandwith

When bandwidth exceeds 1Mbps, the customer may elect to switch to 95th-percentile billing per megabit ($199/Mbps/month).

FREE 24/7/365 U.S. Based Support
World class hosting support is right here in the U.S. available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, email, or live chat.

Advanced Features

Real-time commerce
eCommerce with Miva Merchant Hosting
An advanced shopping cart system which can integrate with automated payment processing systems for real-time commerce.

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Partagé - Linux Garder la souris sur
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PrixEspace disque Transfert Mis à jourDomaine gratuit /
UltraLitecaractéristiquesMéthodes de payement : Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Panneau de contrôle : [Interne]
Catégorie : DNS
Options de support : Email, Bureau d'aide, Téléphone / sans frais, Chat en direct
Domaines hébergés : 1
Domaines gratuits : 0
IP dédiées : 1

10 Email addresses
Add'l Mailboxes $2/mo
Advanced Spam Filtering powered by SpamAssasin
POP/IMAP Support
WebMail Access
Global Forward

MySQL Databases 1
Add'l MySQL Databases $5/mo
Hosting Add-Ons 1

FTP Accounts 1
Anonymous [...]
URL du plan : https://www.tierra.net/shared_hosting
$7,95/mois1 GB100 GB 0 / 1
ProfessionalcaractéristiquesMéthodes de payement : Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Panneau de contrôle : [Interne]
Catégorie : DNS
Options de support : Email, Bureau d'aide, Téléphone / sans frais, Chat en direct
Domaines hébergés : 10
Domaines gratuits : 0
IP dédiées : 1

Special Pricing on New Domains
Special Pricing on Domain Renewals
Special Pricing on GeoTrust Rapid SSL Certificates
Special Pricing on GeoTrust EV Certificates
Unlimited Email addresses
Advanced Spam Filtering powered by SpamAssasin
POP/IMAP [...]
URL du plan : https://www.tierra.net/shared_hosting
$19,95/mois1000 GB5 TB 0 / 10
VPS - Linux Garder la souris sur
sur les fonctionnalités!
PrixEspace disque Transfert Mis à jourRAM /
IP dédiées
V1 hostingcaractéristiquesMéthodes de payement : Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Panneau de contrôle : [Interne]
Catégorie : DNS
Options de support : Email, Bureau d'aide, Téléphone / sans frais, Chat en direct
RAM : 1000 MB
CPU : 1 Core
Domaines hébergés : Illimité
Domaines gratuits : 0
IP dédiées : 1

Email Features:
Advanced Spam Filtering powered by SpamAssasin
POP/IMAP Support
Webmail Access (Roundcube)
Unlimited Forwards
Unlimited Autoresponders
Mailing List
FTP Features:
Unlimited FTP Accounts (available)
Anonymous FTP
Secure [...]
URL du plan : https://www.tierra.net/vps_hosting
$49,99/mois50 GB1 TB 1 GB / 1
V2 hostingcaractéristiquesMéthodes de payement : Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Panneau de contrôle : [Interne]
Catégorie : DNS
Options de support : Email, Bureau d'aide, Téléphone / sans frais, Chat en direct
RAM : 2000 MB
CPU : 2 Cores
Domaines hébergés : Illimité
Domaines gratuits : 0
IP dédiées : 1
URL du plan : https://www.tierra.net/vps_hosting
$99,99/mois750 GB1 500 GB 2 GB / 1
V3 hostingcaractéristiquesMéthodes de payement : Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Panneau de contrôle : [Interne]
Catégorie : DNS
Options de support : Email, Bureau d'aide, Téléphone / sans frais, Chat en direct
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : 4 Cores
Domaines hébergés : Illimité
Domaines gratuits : 0
IP dédiées : 1
URL du plan : https://www.tierra.net/vps_hosting
$199,99/mois100 GB2 TB 4 GB / 1
Certificats SSL Garder la souris sur
sur les fonctionnalités!
Prix Mis à jourDomaines protégés
RapidSSLcaractéristiquesMéthodes de payement : Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Panneau de contrôle : [Interne]
Catégorie : DNS
Options de support : Email, Bureau d'aide, Téléphone / sans frais, Chat en direct
Domaines protégés : 1

$10,000 Warranty provided by RapidSSL
Site Seal
No paperwork

RapidSSL is a 128 / 256 bit single root SSL certificate. RapidSSL is an ideal solution for securing websites conducting light levels of ecommerce.
URL du plan : https://www.tierra.net/security
$27,96/an 1
RapidSSL WildcardcaractéristiquesMéthodes de payement : Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Panneau de contrôle : [Interne]
Catégorie : DNS
Options de support : Email, Bureau d'aide, Téléphone / sans frais, Chat en direct
Domaines protégés : Illimité

$5,000 Warranty provided by RapidSSL
Site Seal
No paperwork

Secure an unlimited number of sub domains on the same domain name, ensuring that RapidSSL Wildcard is the Best Value in single root Wildcard SSL Certificates!
URL du plan : https://www.tierra.net/security
$159,96/an tous les sous-domaines
Courriels - Linux Garder la souris sur
sur les fonctionnalités!
Prix Mis à jour
Email OnlycaractéristiquesMéthodes de payement : Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Options de support : Email, Bureau d'aide, Téléphone / sans frais, Chat en direct

5 Email addresses
Unlimited forwarding
Unlimited autoresponders
Virus & Spam Protection
Live Support

Personalize your email address with our affordable email solution. Use your domain as part of your email address and setup mailboxes, [...]
URL du plan : https://www.tierra.net/email_only
$4,95/mois500 MBsans compteur

Les informations de contact sont gérées par tierra.net des représentants hostmaster@t..., support@t..., admin@t..., sales@t... [s'identifier]
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Détails pour https://www.tierra.net/
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ns2.domaindiscover.com => ( Ashburn ) / Amazon Technologies Inc. - amazon.com
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MX::mx2.daemonmail.net => ( Portland ) / Amazon Technologies Inc. - amazon.com
Logiciel serveur: Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu)
IP du site:
Emplacement IP Pays/Etat/Ville: United states / California / San diego - voir les meilleurs fournisseurs dans United States, California
Nom du FAI / URL du FAI: TierraNet Inc. / tierra.net

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Netcraft Names Most Reliable Web Hosts - According to research and analysis firm Netcraft's (netcraft.com) October study of the most reliable Web hosting provider Web sites, iPowerWeb (ipowerweb.com), INetU (inetu.com) and Cee-Kay (cee-kay.net) were the three most reliable Web hosting companies over the past month.
Secure Dog (secdog.com), Hurricane Electric (he.net) and DataPipe (datapipe.com) were the fourth, fifth and sixth most reliable, and Myhosting.com (myhosting.com), tierranet (tierra.net), easynet (easynet.net) and Deutsche Telekom (dtag.de) rounded out the top ten.

Five of the top ten sites ran BSD operating systems, said Netcraft, including each of the top three. Hurricane Electric ran Linux, Deutsche Telekom ran Solaris 8, while DataPipe, Myhosting.com and easynet ran on Windows platforms.

Netcraft measures and makes available the response times of fifty leading hosting provider Web sites. The performance measurements are made at fifteen-minute intervals from four separate points around the Internet. ...
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TierraNet Inc. (établi 1997) est un Privately Held entité ayant 32 adeptes sur LinkedIn et 11-50 employés, industrie Internet.
http://blog.tierra.net  (RSS error) Blog ajouté sur septembre, 2011, avec total 16 des articles, La langue en-US. Dernier post sur sept. 4, 2014

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-anonyme- (-caché-)
Temps hébergé: 1 à 2 ans
Note globale
I have decided not to renew my domain with TierraNet.
Almost 2 months after my domain has expired, they sent me an invoice.
That's crazy and bogus.
-anonyme- (duncan.erskine@g...) / vacationfrance.com
Temps hébergé: moins d'un mois
Note globale
Relation client
Panneau de contrôle
Getting worse
We continue to get invoices from your company for the annual fees for these domain names. We cannot understand this. As you know we had huge problems with your IT people who were unable to read correctly our credit card details both manually and through you IT system. This a unique problem for us we have never had before with any company in the UK or internationally. Your latest invoices just received show amounts of 25 dollars still outstanding. Our Bank records show payments made to your company and debited to our bank account for two payments of 24.99 dollars made to you on 24 October . These were made on our visa debit card ending 8995. Also looking at our account details on your website I find that our registered address for these accounts are completely erroneous showing an address in FRANCE !!!!. Could you please confirm that you will get this mess sorted out as soon as possible
Duncan Erskine
Proprietor Vacation France Ltd
-anonyme- (-caché-) / airsupplyamerica.com
Temps hébergé: plus de 3 ans
Note globale
I have been with Tierranet for well over 15 YEARS.... They used to be the BEST..... now, they have dropped the ball. I pay over $150/mo for MIVA support, yet, when we have MIVA problems, tierranet simply says... "That's a MIVA problem, not ours".... and pass the ball, YET THEY REFUSE TO OPEN A DIALOG with MIVA, as the intermediary they are supposed to be. But they have no problem taking my MONEY!..... I am sickened by the lack of support. Back in the day, I could actually TALK to a tech, and solve problems on the spot.... NOW... they will not ALLOW me to speak to any techs directly..... Problems must be escalated, and if I'm LUCKY, I get a response within about 3 days!! LAME!... and the response is not from the tech directly, but through a rep, translating what the tech told him/her. LAME.... LAME.... LAME. For a customer that has brought them HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars worth of business, I expect more consideration.... Again.... 15 years+ loyal customer, yet I am [lire la suite...]
-anonyme- (-caché-) / spellmaker.com
Temps hébergé: plus de 3 ans
Note globale
Sadly, after 17 years with this company, I had to say goodbye to them. They had little to no understanding of what it means to someone's livelihood when their website is inaccessible. THEN, while trying to solve the problem, high-handed emails with victim blaming was their solution. No, Tierra, it isn't my job to protect you, it's your job to protect me. It was pretty devastating to leave after 17 years, but they could have cared less; that told me volumes. I lost several thousand dollars in revenue thanks to them - proceed with caution in choosing this company.
-anonyme- (rich@p...) / bayareanaturists.org
Temps hébergé: plus de 3 ans
Note globale
Since 2000--for over 16 years--I have hosted on Tierranet a web site for a not-for-profit social association, during which time I have paid them over $4000 total. Each month, when a newsletter is ready on our web site, I individually e-mail each of our hundred-and-some members an announcement.

The e-mail messages are sent to one member at a time, a minute apart over a few hours. Each month, some of those announcements bounce with an error message indicating that it was rejected by the addressee's server because one or more of Tierranet's e-mail servers (provided with our hosting package) are on some kind of spam blacklist or other.

Every time this happens, I write to Tierranet Support describing the problem. It has been my hope that Tierranet would realize that hosting accounts which broadcast spam is bad for business, close those customer's accounts, and clean up their reputation. Instead, Tierranet's response has been to defend them and chastise me for sending "too much" [lire la suite...]
-anonyme- (-pas d'email-)
Temps hébergé: plus de 3 ans
Note globale
Relation client
Panneau de contrôle
Tierra.net SUCKS!! Don't trust them.
I thought tierra.net was wonderful. I stayed with them for nearly 8 years. When I really needed help, they didn't return my calls, didn't reply to my emails and when I called they were waiting on my call. The guy said "I was told that if anyone from your company called that I need to take a message and have a supervisor call you back". But the supervisor never did. My company went into the toliet for days. If you run a website then you know that days without service is BAD!! I'm still waiting on that call from a supervisor. In the meantime I've switched companies and everything is fine now. Thanks for nothing tierra.net.
Bob Spiteri (Webmaster@t...)
Temps hébergé: plus de 3 ans
Note globale
Relation client
Panneau de contrôle
TierraNet came out with new hosting packages in Jan 2009. One of my clients is a retailer using MIVA Merchant Web Engine and shopping cart hosted using TierraNet's 'Premium Package' priced at $24.95 monthly and has been hosted with TierraNet for going on 7 years. As a webmaster, I have brought over my other domains and receive discounts bringing the price 30% lower and have passed those saving on to my clients in leui of 'reselling'. The MIVA bundled package, MIVA updates and MIVA support provided free with the hosting have my clients thousands of dollars. There was no need to purchase MIVA Merchant or revisions from MIVA or purchase MIVA technical support. Updates are painless. I use a real time server/web monitoring service and have not received an alert since June of 2008. I've had the occasional blacklisted SMTP server or email delays and TierraNet's Toll-free 24/7 tech support staff are always helpful and respond quickly. Hosting includes 25 GB of diskspace (more than enough to [lire la suite...]

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