Plan #63565, CX11, € 2,49/mois sur Linux Cloud

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Industriestr. 25
Gunzenhausen , BY 91710
Téléphone +49 9831 505-0
Fax +49 9831 505-3
  • Nom du plan: CX11 (sku #p63565)
  • Catégorie: Cloud / Linux
  • Prix: 2,49/mois TVA 19% exc | Frais d'installation: libre
  • Espace Disque: 20 GB | Bande passante du trafic: 20 TB
  • Emplacements de serveur:
  • Paiement: Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
CPU / Cœurs :1 vCPU
RAM :2000 MB
Domaines hébergés :illimité
domaines gratuits :0
IP dédiées :1
Méthodes de payement :Cartes de crédit / débit / prépayées
Panneau de contrôle :[Interne]
Options de support :EmailBureau d'aide
Emplacements de serveur :Finlande Allemagne
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Description du plan

No minimum contract period! Pay by the month, or if you only need your Hetzner Cloud server for a little bit, you can pay by the hour.



Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs together with speedy NVMe SSDs mean you’ll profit from high performance hardware. You can choose between local storage and network storage (NVMe SSD RAID or Ceph). And you’ll benefit from our redundant 10 Gbit network connection.


With our snapshot feature, you can make manual backups of your servers. You can use our snapshots to restore your server to a saved image, use saved images to create new cloud servers, or transfer images during a project.
€ 0.01/GB per month


Backups are nightly copies of your server that we make automatically to keep your data safe. You can store up to 7 of them. And if you need, you can change the period that the snapshots are made to suit your needs.
20% of instance price


Assign floating IPs to fit your needs. Use them on a redundant server or for a highly available server cluster.
€ 1.00 a month


There is a wide variety of features at your fingertips to help you manage your cloud infrastructure. We also provide a REST-API and a CLI tool for developers. Our thorough documentation, together with programming examples, make it easy to get started and make sure you’ll get the most out of your instances.


Our quick and clever Cloud Console lets you create server instances almost instantly, usually in under 10 seconds.


Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and more – you have a wide variety of operating systems to choose from, and of course, we provide the most-current release.


With 20 TB of included traffic, you’ll have lots of bandwidth for your projects, regardless of which Hetzner Cloud package you choose. But if you need, you may add more for an extra € 1.00 a month per TB.


We host our cloud instances in our own data centers in Nuremberg, Falkenstein (Germany) and Helsinki (Finland). And we operate our data centers in accordance with the strict European data protection regulations.

Right now we are focusing on support for Linux as an operating system. If you wish, you may install Windows on your own, and we have seen successful installations done. However, we will not provide any support for Windows.

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