123 Reg negativo revisión #840 por Phil en dic 2006

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I have had various plans with 123 reg over the last few years.

Until this year, support was great - a sensible reply to emails often within the hour. Nowadays, you're lucky if you even get an acknowledgement within a few days. On the few occassions you do (eventually) get a reply, it's likely to be useless (e.g. "Have you checked out FAQs" - YES I HAVE, YOU MADE ME DECLARE THAT BEFORE I COULD USE YOUR WEB FORM!)

The recent farce over their email servers was made more infuriating by their automated replies to questions, and these merely pointed to their "Support" page - this page didn't help, and invariably said little more than "We're working on it". None of my questions have been answered, and I still don't know how many emails or enquiries through my web site form have been lost. Incidentally, I still get loads of spam, so what improvements they've made I don't know. They even had the nerve, with one of their automated replies, to say "Why not upgrade to Webfusion as there are no problems with emails there"!!!!! In other words "We're struggling to fix your problem, give us some more money and we'll transfer you to a package that works".

I was recently asked to set up a simple forum for someone who didn't want a web site ... Purchasing the "Instant Site Builder" seemed the perfect solution - approx. £27 for a year, including a basic forum wizard. I purchased this for a domain I already had so I could try it out before promising anything to my customer - all that's been
published so far is a blank page, and emails to support so far remain unanswered.

Are they any different to any other hosting company? I don't know. I transeferred a couple of domains from Lycos to 123 reg because Lycos's support was crap. I also manage a site for someone else with another hosting company, and they don't handle FrontPage extensions properly (I have to FTP as publishing from FP won't work). Their only solution is to install something I have never needed for any other site, so I'm not going to do it.

It seems to me if you use a UK company for just about anything then you can forget support (have you ever tried contacting BT or a "service supplier"?)

Should I transfer my domains out of 123 reg? Probably, but I have to ask myself "Better the devil you know?" Mind you, with the apparent non-existant support I may have no choice. Thing is, if I do try to transfer out, will 123 reg cooperate? If they don't (and I have little confidence they will), will I finish up with domains "in limbo"?
Bad enough with my own sites, but I can't afford to have customer's sites going down.

"Support" is a misnomer in the UK - it's just a word people use to encourage you to part with money. It seems 123 reg have joined that club.

Cynical - you bet I am.

Those of you who have transferred sites out of 123 reg - was it a painless process, as easy as they suggest on their site?


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