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123 Reg
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k-man ( marcuskarenin23@h... )
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Beyond a joke. I have posted the full tedious story over at avoid123-reg. A client lost her website and emails for a month because they failed to transfer the domain name properly. Consequently it was stuck in limbo with no way of access or retrieval.

The support seems to be designed to drive one mad. If you keep things simple they won't understand and return stock answers. If you try to describe everything in detail they just won't read it. Eventually they will turn rude and sarcastic.

I was at the point of considering paying a personal visit to their offices with a baseball bat when Trading Standards came through and miraculously everything was sorted in one afternoon.

The problem is Pipex. It is surely no coincidence that I have also lost time, money and hair because of WebFusion and now Toucan. And I am far from alone.

Do not use any company that is owned by this evil entity, and ensure to get a sworn oath from any nice small business you may be considering dealing with that they will never sell out and get destoyed by these bastards.

Ever seen the episode of the Sopranos when they take over and "Bust-Out" Davey's sports store? This is exactly what Pipex has been doing to everything they touch.

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