123 Reg negativo revisión #1160 por Rob (rob@r...) en may 2007

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Useless is not a useless enough word to describe how useless 123-Reg really are.

Like most large British companies their staff is made up of incompetent management who are using the company as legalised theft and stroppy so called Customer Support representitives who hate the customers and regard you as nothing more than an obstacle between themselves and their wage packet.

For 6 MONTHS 123-Reg has failed to answer any of my e-mails and as they have only recently lowered their 50 pence a minute line to 10 pence a minute I finally thought it was worth calling.

25 minutes I'm on hold for!!! I timed it.

Then a Customer Service representitive comes on the line. At first I'm fairly businesslike as I want the problems I'm having with my control panel sorted out. So when she finally sorts it out in her condescending manner, I mention this site to her and how there is about a hundred angry customers after their blood. I ask them why they don't answer e-mails. She replies:

"We've just moved offices and have had a very high e-mail volume, and we are just getting through all the e-mails now."

So I ask why I have to wait 25 minutes to get through on the phone on a 10 pence a minute line which she swears blind is just a normal local rate number:

"We're having a very heavy volume of calls and we are doing our best to get through them."

When I suggest they employ some more staff, she starts getting all indignant, that I'm criticizing her beloved company. She actually makes the suggestion that 123 Reg are doing a very good job all things considering.

Of course I disagree, and now she starts getting really testy. So as I'd finished with her anyway, and my blood had been boiling for 6 months from this thieving, lying company that refuse to respond to customers I said to her:

"Your company is nothing but a bunch of c*****!"

Expecting her to cut me off instantly, imagine my surprise when she stayed on the line, paused incredulously and then says:

"Excuse me?"
"You heard me. Your company are nothing but a bunch of thieves and you should be disgusted with yourself that you even work for them."
"Oh that's nice."
"Why don't you get a job you can be proud of instead of working for the worst company in the UK."

She just sat and listened to it all! I had to hang up on HER!

Now that's what I call customer service. Anyone as hopeless as 123 Reg who lets you ring them up and abuse them can't be all bad.

But she got the last laugh as she's gone and messed with my control panel so nothing works now.

But I'll tell you it was worth it. Every penny.

Gonna give Trading Standards a ring now. And then OFCOM.

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