Whogohost Starter, NGN 27.000/mes. en Linux/Windows Cloud

Starter se ha actualizado en (agregado ), Calificación Agregada (10 fuera de 10 desde 1 opiniones)
3A, Olumuyiwa Street, off Babington Ashaye Crescent, Omole Phase 1
Ikeja , LAGOS 100213
☎ Teléfono 234 (0)700 2233 2233
  • 💡 Nombre del plan: Starter (sku #p38846)
  • 🔧 Categoría: Cloud / Linux/Windows
  • 💰 Precio:NGN 27.000/mes.
  • 💿 Espacio Del Disco: 30 GB
  • 📶 Ancho de banda de tráfico: sin medir
  • 💲 Tarifa de instalación: gratis
💪 CPU / núcleos :1 Core
🔋 RAM :1000 MB
🔌 Dominios alojados :ilimitado
🆓 dominios libres :0
📌 IPs dedicadas :0
💳 Métodos de pago :Tarjetas de crédito / débito / prepagoPayPalTransferencia bancaria
🔧 Categoría :DNS
✍️ Opciones de soporte :EmailMesa de ayudaTeléfono / Toll-FreeChat en vivoDisponible 24/7
🌏 Ubicaciones de servidor :Nigeria
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📜 Descripción del plan

Getting local hosting has always been a hassle until now. You can now get a local virtual server Whogohost! If you are interested in hosting locally in Nigeria without spending too much, then you are at the right place. Our servers are hosted with MDXi, a MainOne company and powered with technology from Intel.
No matter your need, we definitely have something that will fit! We can provision what is suitable for individuals, SMEs and even government organizations.

WhoGoHost, the largest hosting company in Nigeria, in partnership with MDXi, a subsidiary of MainOne and intel provides you with IaaS platforms to host your servers on cloud.


You can adjust your Memory and CPU combinations, giving you the ability to alter your server options.

Your server is provided with fast secure access to stored data for database and other core applications.

An enterprise-grade, logically-separated network is provided to you, ensuring exclusive access to your resources.

Encrypted Access to SAN storage has been added to the server to further ensure security of your data.

Why should you choose Us?
Here are some of the things you will enjoy by getting a local cloud hosting from us


You can reduce or increase any resouece that has been allocated to you at any time; whether CPU, memory or even storage.

The infrastructure used in building the servers are high-end; that is, the type that can support high end services and applications.

The processors are intel-based. This means that all x86 based OSes - Windows and Linux. Solaris is not supported as it works on RISC processors

Rather than thinking about the exchange rate, paynent for the server comes is easy to make, reducing the stress of making payment.

As the servers are closer to you, the amount of time taken for data to be sent and retrieved is lower than using servers outside the country.

Our support team is ready to help you with whatever questions you may have or issues you might be experiencing at any given moment.

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