jul, 2020 : Data Center Company Cologix Launches Upgraded Marketplace

cologix.com logojulio 30, 2020 - Cologix, a company with data centers located in Ashburn, Columbus, Dallas, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Minneapolis, Montreal, New Jersey, Toronto and Vancouver, has launched an upgraded version of its Access Marketplace.
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abr 29, 2019 - Data Center Firm Cologix Launches SDN Connectivity Platform - Colocation data center provider Cologix (cologix.com Revisiones Totales: 1
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), a company with data centers located in Ashburn, Columbus, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Minneapolis, Montreal, New Jersey, Toronto and Vancouver, has announced the launch of their new Software-Defined Networking (SDN) connectivity platform, Cologix Access Marketplace.

The software-defined connectivity platform is designed to directly connect customers to the cloud – in real time. Beginning with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Cologix will offer a new virtual cloud on-ramp solution, allowing private, secured, and "cost-effective" connectivity to these Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Within existing ...