jul 10, 2008 : Limestone Networks Offers KVM-Over-IP

limestonenetworks.com logojulio 10, 2008 - Dallas-based dedicated web host Limestone Networks Inc (limestonenetworks.com Revisiones Totales: 6
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) has announced that KVM-over-IP is now available to all Limestone clients, allowing them to remotely diagnose and fix servers themselves without technical support intervention, saving time and money.

KVM-over-IP, also known as IP KVM switches (with KVM, standing for "keyboard, video and mouse"), is an important diagnostic and repair tool that lets customers remotely install software and manage the operating system and software stack. In the dedicated server industry, KVM-over-IP helps clients fix configuration issues themselves remotely saving upwards of $100 per hour when a dedicated server technicians is involved.

"We are proud to offer KVM-over-IP to Limestone Networks clients," said Limestone Networks CEO Gary Kendall said in a press release. "With KVM-over-IP service available on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis, clients can add KVM-over-IP to their servers by simply opening a support ticket in Rockware, Limestone Network's proprietary client portal system."

Limestone Networks is charging an hourly rate of $5 with a three-hour minimum and a 24-hour pass for $30. For clients requiring constant KVM-over-IP service, always-on KVM-over-IP is $75 per month.

Limestone Networks debuted online in the fall of 2007, after more than a year of planning and bringing together some of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry. In March The Planet (theplanet.com Revisiones Totales: 3
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) began offering a $30 per month KVM-over-IP service from Lantronix (http://www.lantronix.com) called SecureLinx Spider KVM.

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