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Switching Web Hosting Company - A Complete guide

Mar 1, 2008
So finally you have realized that your current web hosting company is not the one you should be sticking up with, and you now need to shift to a new web hosting company, Dont scratch your head. Here is a complete guide that you can follow.

* First Things First, make sure you choose the right web hosting company and ensure that you are not making the same mistake again.
* The most important thing while shifting hosting companies is that your process is painless and there is zero down time of the website, in terms of:
- Website Availability
- Email Services
- Search Engine Indexing
- Data Transaction loss (In case you are running a dynamic website)

Process of shifting web hosts

1. Take a complete backup of all the files from your current hosting server.
2. Transfer the files to the new hosting server
3. Take backups of your data base and shift them to the new server.
4. Create all email accounts on the new server to ensure that he email don't bounce.

After you have done this much its time that you change the name server of your domain to point to the new server. (It generally take upto 48 hours for the new name servers to propogate.)

And that all about it, you will likely face no down time and email loss.

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